Your Hobbys

At first - let me introduce myself. My Name is Echo - 26 Years from Germany.

And i thought it is may interesting to know what hobbys other People in the org has.

For me: (Beside beeing efficient)

-I’am a Diver . The feeling underwater - where you can only survive with your knowledge and your equipment - the weightless (nearly zero-g) Feeling which allows your equipment to have is really exciting.
That must be kinda similar like being in space - astronauts also train under water :wink:

Besides that i make a lot of music - From Guitar to Backpipe - Drums - Flute - to other similar instruments.

And when gaming comes across… i have way to little time for all of this ;D

So. its up to you now. Whats your Hobbys and why you like them?


Very cool. I’ve always wanted to dive.

My only hobby is RC truck racing. I have a small track at my house but I’ve raced all over Michigan. :mrgreen:

Well, besides the obvious (gaming) I am a huge motorhead, primarily drifting/car shows/drag racing.

That’d be one gorgeous beast, strong, fast, and fun to play with. Behind it, is the car.

Besides that, I guess I’d have to say sci-fi writing. Used to be heavily in to it, but I try to keep up with my on going projects throughout the years and hope to maybe release my own book in the future.

Also, beer. Lot’s of beer. And yes, that can be a hobby.

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I’ll join in on this fun and add to the list

Rosia - 35 NYC USA

Hobbies… LOTs
Boardgames all of them!
Table Top Role playing games : Pathfinder, Shadowrun, Star Wars, World of Darkness, 40k others
miniature gaming: Star Wars X-wingVideo games
Card games : Android Net Runner, Star Wars, 40k conquest
Cosplay: jedi knight, Elven Decker from Shadowrun, Blood Ravens Space Marine from dawn of war, Steampunk,
Going to Cons : comic-con
going to 80’s clubs
Steampunk culture
Cthulhu Mythos

Current Fave games :
Space Engineers
Civ 5 beyond Earth
Planet Explorers
Star Citizen
Shadowrun Returns & Dragon Fall

Video games and reading. :slight_smile:

Besides the obvious, I am an avid shooter. Anything from old muskets to modern day semi-auto rifles.

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I’m an avid shooter myself. So, I go shooting for fun, hunting, airsofting and what not. I also enjoy snowboarding as well.

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Old Man 48 live in the south east of the US… besides MMO’s I enjoy strategy games… Total War series is my latest hook. I use to belong to an organization that “attempts” to do the middle ages. I do still enjoy archery and leather working. I will craft a longbow to shoot and give away. Sometimes I will make some home made brews… liquors or ginger beer mainly. Most of my time is spent taking care of my wife and my elderly family ( parents and grandparent).

33 from Southern CA here.

Apart from spending far too much money on my PC and games I enjoy:

  • Playing with my 5 year old girl, 3 year old boy, and (soon to be born) baby boy
  • Rock climbing
  • Reading
  • Cycling
  • Running
  • Hiking

To be honest I don’t get outside quite as much as I’d like, but I try my best!

I’am 33 years old from Stockholm, Sweden.

I read alot.
Board games (Monopoly, stratego).
I like shooting but in Sweden we cant shoot any of the fun guns.
I watch Professional SC2.

I’m a 30 year old Norwegian.

I like to overeat.

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I’m a 37 year-old Argentinean, married to a Romanian, who lives in Chicago.

@SmackyTheFrog I like the outdoors too. I love to bike. I used to have more endurance, but never been a racer though.
In Chicago there are tons of racers and riders of all skills. It is hard to keep up with them on their leisure rides! :slight_smile:
I love to hike too. I did some hiking in the Ozarks and it was wonderful. I can’t wait until July comes when we are going to Glacier National Park (for the first time)!

I have a 6 year old girl with whom I ride every day after her school. We have a trailer bike which works great for us.
She loves to spend time at the playground and be with other kids. When she starts talking, she can tell her stories for hours. :slight_smile:

A few years ago, I finished a Master in Psychology. I studied couple relationships (Attachment theory and Attributions theory were my focus). That was kind of a hobby for me (my main job is as a technical support engineer). I really liked it and I wanted to do a PhD, but things got busier when we moved here, so I haven’t continued it yet. I love science, the scientific method. I believe in all things that can be tested/falsified. :slight_smile:

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I am what I am but what I like is completely different story;

Starting with obvious: computer games, I love realistic simulators, from rts like Combat Mission, flight like Lock On, fps like ARMA, and other games that make me learn stuff about the world, like Kerbal Space Program. And I need to confess to occasional match or two of Heroes of the Storm from time to time.

My other hobby are my legs. I love my legs, they let me hiking, they let me climbing, they take me to places. One of the best things I ever had, or actually two things. Funny how I had to almost lose them to start appreciate to true value.
As a man I need a steady stream of adrenaline and to achieve that without causing to much harm I airsoft and occasionally skydive. I could talk about love but to be honest nothing makes me want to live more than the fear of death.

So I am a polygamist and my another love is science, with physic as my favorite. There are not many ideas more worth pursuing than idea about truth waiting to be discovered. Surely any political idea is a pale reflection in comparison but I find I find interest in the disgusting politic, if only so I know what comes after me.

My hobbies eh? Well, here’s my odd (or not-so-odd) assortment of fun pastimes.

  1. Studying the bible. This might seem like a strange hobby to folks, but I can assure you, there are fascinating things in that book.
  2. Reading. This is the very first hobby I ever picked up and I haven’t stopped.
  3. Writing. This stems from the reading. I read so many stories that I started getting new ideas for stories.
  4. Listening to music. Part of this is because I grew up playing the viola. Still have one too. I’ll listen to all different kinds of music, and usually listen while I’m writing or gaming. Or daydreaming.
  5. Running. Good exercise and rather relaxing. Haven’t been running all that often for the last couple years, partly because my current job involves a lot of walking and because my free time has dwindled significantly due to schoolwork.
  6. Snowboarding. This kills the legs, but hitting the slopes is always a fun time (until you do unintentional front flips).
  7. Dungeons & Dragons (or Tabletop RPGs in general). I’ve been both a PC and a GM for a couple different systems.
  8. Magic the Gathering. Started this up about a year before I started playing D&D.
  9. Learning Japanese. I’m not sure if this would necessarily be considered a hobby, but considering I’m learning it of my own volition during my free time, I’ll consider it as such.
  10. Gaming. The obvious one. I was basically a handheld and console gamer until a couple years back when I built my desktop. I still play my PS4 though.

My hobby is IT stuff and hardware my first computer was 486dx 33 with 4mb ram and 400mb hdd and win 3.11 got it in 1993 when i had 11, and i fall in love with all that stuff , I always build my rigs self, at the moment digging around windows 10 and waiting for ddr4 motherboard price drop , like gaming, like simulators and strategy games. And cars, love mechanics, digging in engines, i never used service, just buy parts get manual and repair everything myself. I live next to forest, often go racing. I like smell of powder :slight_smile: so sometimes i go shooting too.

As for me, i am a 47 year old social worker, from the Netherlands.
I have 3 sons, 16, 18, and 21 years old.
Hobby’s: Reading,
Gaming. (First person shooters, and strategy
And rooting every device that is running android on it :slight_smile:.

Young guy here, from Southern California

1)when at my home and I don’t feel like looking at a screen I work on my models, I got a really nice set up with an airbrush, lots of brushes and tools for working on my projects. I am currently working on a 1/350 Akagi.
2)managing the recruiter team of ADI, this eats a decent chunk of time but I sure love showing new people adi, and in general answering questions people have about SC. Also I love my fantastic team of recruiters <3
3) On occasions when I leave my house I like to play MTG with my friends. I especially like drafting old packs such as those from the early 2000s.
4) Living less than 1/2 a mile from the pacific ocean, on ultra rare occasions I like to go fishing at the local pier were I get to look out in to the sea and watch the big blue ocean and feel the cool breeze

I’m 44 from Michigan, besides gaming I enjoy grilling and barbeque. Nothing like sitting in the yard for eight hours smoking a few slabs of ribs while enjoying a few frosty pints.

I’m 54 years old and live in Indiana.

I mostly play video games, mmorpg’s like WoW, Guild Wars, Asheron’s Call, Eve online and Earth and Beyond but I have always been looking for a great space sim like Star Citizen!
I also play Disk Golf and I play 5 string banjo ‘Bluegrass style’.

asheron’s call was my first real mmo loved it