Unable to launch any Sims in AC

As of yesterday, 7/20/15, I have been unable to launch any of the 3 available sim options in AC either by hitting escape or entering the training simulator. I see the options but they do not highlight when I mouse over them and clicking on them doesn’t do anything. I am curious if coping my info over to the PTU would have caused this to occur? I am new to the org and am in desperate need to start improving my skills so any information on what I need to get the game working correctly is greatly appreciated.


Have you sold/melted your ship package that contains alpha access? Happened to me once upon a time… In that case you can buy AC access from pledge store.

That has happened to me also. In the end I had to purchase an arena commander pass and that took care of it all. I had been going good for about 3 months then after an upgrade it did exactly what you described.

So unless you did melt a package or made some sort of huge change, just get a pass and that should do it.

My ship is still in the hanger so I don’t think I even accidentally melted the ship.

You can always play the public build, and not the PTU one.