Truckers Life

Any other truck drivers out there?

Nope :smiley: Unless firetrucks count? I’ve driven those before.

I’m pretty sure we have other truck drivers in the org, because I’ve heard the subject talked about in the lounge. Don’t know who though…

Does a half-ton count?

DOT Foods driver here, working the northeast

You guys must play a lot of pokemon while traveling on the road :smiley: Or at least some handhelds. Ain’t no Star Citizen AC out there!

I will be a space hauler … i have my Starfarer and my Freelancer

I am leased to landstar

I’m not a truck driver but I am a diesel mechanic.

Yes, I’m a driver. Regional wholesale for specialty foods. Vistar/PFG.

DOT is one of our major suppliers.

I play Eurotruck simulator II !! Does this count? :smiley:

If playing FSX makes me a pilot, you’re a driver, lol.