Test Drive all Flyable Ships!


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I have cutlass and 325A on my list… What are you going to test fly next?

ooooooh ,possibly a Gladius as i have been on the fence about buy one for a while but i never make my mind up… Damn you RSI and your shiny shiny ships :smiley:

I like the Gladius. I’ve flown it today. :slight_smile:
I tried it with 2 Omnis III. It was good, but a Super Hornet with 6 omnis has way more fire power.
Next time, I will try it with 2 Omnis IV and see if that improves it. I will loose the gimbals, though. But I don’t think that will be much of a difference since the Gladius is very maneuverable.

The Gladius is currently in my top 3 favorite ships to fly, just because it has such good handling.
I’ve considered purchasing one, even though I don’t really want any of the dedicated fighters. :slight_smile:

The three that I’m looking forward to flying are the Gladius, Gladiator, and the 300i. First two for the fighting, and the third just for the fun :smiley:

I must admit i do really like the 300 series … a good ship at a reasonable price which works well in arena commander but will also work in the PU :slight_smile:

I was flying the 325A yesterday and it gave me the impression that the same guns overheat faster in the 325A than in other ships. Could this be right? I know ships can have accessories to dissipate heat. Now, is that something that could be also built into a ship, such that different ships will dissipate heat differently?