Star Wars Squadrons?

Any one here have plans to play squadrons?

I am very excited to play this game. Brings me back to the x-wing/tie fighter days in the 90’s. This seems like a passion project to bring that era back.

But I have concerns. Namely it isn’t star citizen. This game has ruined (in the best way possible) every other game for me, which is not a bad thing since this game has fulfilled my search for that epic game I have been searching for since the 90’s.

Now I do believe squadrons would have done that for me as well, but now that it has to compete against SC, I am worried I am going to feel a tinge of being let down (even though I know it isn’t a full sim like SC).

Regardless I am excited and will immensely enjoy it but I have a strong feeling that I will be drawn back to SC in very quick order.


I already have my copy and plan to stream it tomorrow evening, but I’ll likely hop on to play a bit when it releases, barring server crashes.


I heard of some people doing a vpn thing to play it now.

Is that legal to do?
I dont know much about that.

Maybe one day we could crush up some others and ai together?

Would sporting a ADI tag in my steam name be ok?

Super excited to play this. Downloading it now.

I have been waiting a long time for a Star Wars game similar to X-Wing with a proper single player campaign. Hopefully this is the one!

I got my copy for Origin just to keep all my SW games in one place, but that shouldn’t be a problem since cross-play is a thing.

As someone who has also played the old x-wing games and some star wars fighter games I will probably get this once I’ve purchased my HOSAS setup

Well wait and see.

I am already considering refunding before i even play.

Steam forums are swamped with huge issues and hotas support is one of them.

I use hosas vkb. And it appears it will not work. Wont be able to try till tomorow as it wont release for 4 more hours.

There are lots of angry gamers right now.

Well good news is i have confirmation that vkb and virpil are working.

No confirmation if hosas works.

Theoretically it should though…i think.

Unfortunately, the organisation is not allowing for the use of the ADI tag in games that are not officially supported.

Ok no problem, that is understandable.

Ok echo squadron reporting in!
Game is awesome!
No issues
HOSAS works just fine.

HOSAS works fine and everyone has their likes but ADI recommends HOTAS.

Yea I do plan to have both. But as it stand only HOSAS was available from VKB and i could not get a throttle independently for a decent price.

VKB has a throttle module coming out in Q4 this year so I do plan to get that. But I am also far more use to HOSAS anyway as when running skid steers, man lifts and other heavy equipment there is not throttle, it is all sticks on those things.

Plus the 6 axis movement in SC is great with HOSAS.

HOTAS will be better in squadrons but the HOSAS won’t break me.

Also for anyone who played xwing/tie fighter back in the 90’s, they did it, they really did, they brought it back. It is amazing. I will still be on SC but my fears of not wanting to play this have already been crushed, this game is really really well done and will bring many great hours of fun.

That is how Space Combat should have been in SWTOR. I am still waiting for the perfect Star Wars game.

Yea I hear ya.
SC scratches that scifi space flight and what not itch for me.

Squadrons is a good one though. Worth checking out.

I don’t think Squadrons is going to be more complex in the flying department than SC but obviously it will have fleshed out features that SC does not have yet. I am looking for a Star Wars game that will be like what they have planned for SC when it is publicly released with the added content that makes it Star Wars.

Oh squadrons cant hold a match to SC.

SC is my absolute love sweet heart gem of a game. Nothing can come close.

But squadrons is just a relive to the past. A bit of nostagia. And it wasnt a big purchase either. Great for a sw fan. A sw game like SC would be amazing. But i have come to love the world of sc and look forward to learning more about the lore.

I would love a swstyle star citizen game however George lucas doesn’t really understand Z axis flight too well so most fighters on star wars fly like jets where they have no strafe capability so although squadrons is fun I probably wouldn’t want a Star citizen star wars game

While watching the videos, I saw Z axis or decouple like movement. Of course, I am not sure if those were only video cut scenes or true in game experience.

There’s no strafing in any direction, but you can perform a ‘drift’ by punching your boost and then changing direction.

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