Hey Shakhaza if you read this can you pm me on facebook? My name on there is Azkul Lok. Thank you!

If you have questions, the best course of action is to hop on mumble, and one of the recruiters or team leaders who are on, can take care of you.

I cant. My computer is busted right now :confused:

There is a mobile phone version of mumble. The next step for you since March has been to come onto mumble and speak to a staff member.

I got it on my phone. How do I join the ADI server? … tup-mumble

That link has all the information you need to get on Mumble on your phone and computer (once it’s not broken).

Ok Im in. What now?

Speak with a Recruiter or higher. If one doesn’t come to you, look for those with |R|, [T], [D], or [B] next to their name (Recruiter, Team Lead, Director, Board Member) and message them letting them know you haven’t been onboarded and would like to be.

Edit: Changed to Team Lead to Recruiter.

Sweet thanks