Seeking Help with a few Commands

Hey folks.

Do any of you know where the heck in Star Citizen’s Options Menu the following are at?
I need to remap them.

  1. Where to deactivate global chat? I know it’s F12, but that got wiped and I need to fix it.

  2. Where external Camera rotation & zoom are at?
    F4 works, but not the rotation and zoom.


  1. Near the bottom in the Keybindings menu. Social - General has chat window toggle (F12 default)

  2. Third option down in the Keybindings menu. Vehicles - View has multiple zoom in and out options there, along with freelook/cycle cameras/orbit mode which may be what you want for rotation? (they are not mapped in a default config)

Hope that works for you.

@arestavo You mess around much with those Saved Camera Views and the Load Views?
Figure out how to save & activate camera views?

Sadly, no I do not have experience with that. I know that there are a couple of folks that might in guild, but I am absolutely terrible with names (so I can’t recall them all). @Hyndrosa1 might know or @Quelsar might as well. I do not know how often they frequent the forums here.

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Have you tried a youtube guide? I hear Hasgaha (a name that I recognized while looking through youtube) has done some good work: 24:33 in looks like the vehicle camera stuff that you want?

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Use the numpad for save and restore of camera angles

F4+ numbers 1-9 on keypad stores (long press of number) and loads (short press) your view settings

If you want some more features, have a look on the „game touch controller“, it’s like game glass, but much cheaper and without the talking home stuff in it. In GTC you can have a smooth orbiting cam around your ship etc

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Thanks @arestavo & @waterwalker .

This is now my weekend project.