Hello everyone. I am still green around the horns of star citizen and looking for something more in depth with the game. I am a Pipeliner that enjoys games that involve space. I want to be a part of a bigger experience and to learn more about the game. ADI seems like it could be what I am looking for.

Hi ReZLooper, If you have questions about setting anything up in game there are a lot of people that can help. Welcome!

Welcome RezLooper!
You’re in the right place! ADI is definitely what you’re looking for then. Plenty of info on forum to catch up, get your certifications done, check the calendar and you’ll plunge into a lot of activity :slight_smile:
See you in space!

Welcome to ADI ReZLooper!

If you need any help settling into this amazing community let us know!

See you out in the 'verse! Fly safe o7

Welcome Looper! We hope you enjoy it with us!

No time like the present to get more involved in the game - new content is looking really promising. Good times! Welcome.

This is surely the place for you if you are looking for in depth gameplay. Just a look at the self certification guides will give you an idea about how immersive ADI gets. You are welcome here mate.

Hey ReZlooper welcome to ADI! hope to see you in the verse, if you need any help just drop us a message pal.

Welcome to the Verse Rez!

Welcome aboard.

You came to the right place, we have folks at every skill level who are happy to help you learn and explore everything SC offers.

Welcome to ADI, ReZLooper!

Star Citizen is getting more and more features (and not just the bug kind) with nearly every patch. It’s definitely been a big change from when I started playing in 3.13.1, and there will be even bigger changes to come! It will be interesting learning about them with everyone.

Hope to see you in the 'verse!

Welcome ReZLooper There’s plenty to learn and plenty here to teach.