New Prospect here! Nice to meet you all

Hey there Architect here and reporting for duty. Started playing Star Citizen a few years back, took a long break and now I’m ready to team up with some experienced players. I like to dog fight and I have a few ships, Cutlass Black, Aegis Sabre and Freelancer.

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Welcome to ADI Architect!

We have plenty of opportunities to form up and do a whole bunch of things!

See you out in the 'verse! Fly safe o7

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Architect B,

Welcome aboard :slight_smile:

You have made the right choice on org, in no time you will learn so much and become a great part of the community

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Welcome in to ADI, Architect!

Definitely take a look at the CPT classes that are set up on the ADI forum calendar. They are also posted in discord under #org_events (along with other events!). It can definitely be an eye opening experience to fly or turret in a large org op.

Welcome back to SC, and see you in the 'verse!

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You picked a great time to come back - things are really starting to come together out there in the 'verse. See you there!

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Welcome to ADI @Architect-Bomber! You’re going to fit in great here :slight_smile:

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Hello Archi,
nice to see so many players coming back to the game.
See you in space o7

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Welcome! can’t Wait to see ya in Ops n training!

Welcome to ADI Bomber!

Welcome to ADI Architect-Bomber. we are glad to have you here and I look forward to flying with you in the game.

Welcome Architect-Bomber!

That’s awesome, welcome

We certainly have some folks who are into your type of gameplay. Keep an eye on the calendar for scheduled events. The chat rooms are always a great place to find a group and join other members on your adventure. Welcome again, and see you in the verse.