Melting ships

Hey guys,
I am not sure if i completely understand the whole melting- and buy back process and I want to make sure that I don’t do anything I might regret in the future and I bet we have a couple of experts with us that exactly know how this works. :slight_smile:

Lets say I just bought a Redeemer and a Retaliator. I melt those to purchase a Hercules M2 and melt the Hercules to get an Ares Inferno and a Corsair during Fleet Week.
This way I could buy back all the melted ships someday in the future (as long as we‘re in alpha) using a token or with real money/store credits. Is that correct?
I know that I will lose all the perks/items that came with the melted ships but will the insurance remain the same if I buy a ship back with real money/store credits?
If I buy back those ships with real money can I still gift them?
Is there anything I am missing that is worth knowing?

I’m not entirely sure. But I think you only can buy back ships that you have bought with real money.

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You can buy back ships and CCU upgrades, and you will know because when you melt them they will appear in your, “BUY BACK PLEDGES.” Do note that if you have SQ 42 or a game package attached to that ship, you will still need a ship in your HANGAR with a game package to play Star Citizen.

I made a post about this during the last sale and unless things have changed, it should still be valid.


I want to thank you @CaliJoshua for making that post last year. I spurred me into action. I followed your advice and now my entire fleet has either LTI or 10 yr insurance coverage. I have you to thank for that.