Massive FPS increase for Nvidia users!

Star Citizen Instant FPS boost

I did this and my game used to lag anywhere, mining used to lag, any stations had lag and performance issues. This has improved my gameplay 1000%.

At first it kinda shuttered, but after a computer reboot, it ran like excellent!

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I have read counter points that these do not work. HOWEVER, I have made those changes and we will see. I’ll try to report back with my findings and I thank you for posting these hints.

I can confirm this. I just tested it out and was in a busy station with a solid but also smooth +50 fps.

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Ya I have some really good game play with these settings now, not the shuttering I used to have…

My FPS might be marginally higher overall (it’s hard to tell since server population / server health plays a large role) after letting the game load everything up after 5 minutes, but the overall smoothness / lack of massive FPS dips, that people these days call stuttering, is much reduced. The game just feels so much smoother with a 10G shader cache size set.

3090 latest drivers (win11)
3840x2160 (4K) Gsync TV (Gsync on, Vsync off, 117 FPS limit)
10940X @4.7GHz all core
64GB 3200MHz C16 RAM
Intel 900P game install drive

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