Loomii - Introduction

Hi! Im Loomii! I’m looking forward to playing with you all in the verse! I’m 29 and am currently living in prague. I am American, and served in the Army as a 35Q (Cryptologic warfare specialist). I’m now retired and living life to its fullest with my two daughters! I’m a private pilot and love exploring. I’m an adrenaline junky, skydiving and rock climbing is my go to rush! If you have any questions im happy to answer!

Welcome aboard my “green” brother! HOOAH!

Welcome to ADI Loomii!

I myself am a student pilot and I think it is awesome we have such people here to fly some epic internet spaceships :smiley:

See you out in the 'verse! Fly safe o7

Welcome! They should definitely have a gameplay loop for the rock wall in New Babbage - I’ll contact Chris Roberts personally with a strongly worded letter and see if I can make that happen.

Welcome to ADI Loomii and thank you for your service. That’s an interesting line of work. Don’t be afraid to dig into the forums, sign up for our events and rub elbows with the players in our SC_PU channels. Have fun!

This is the perfect dating profile… I mean I intro post! :slight_smile: just kidding… my point is you seem to have a great life going and now you are adding a great Org to spend leisure time with. Good show and welcome to ADI!

Welcome onboard Loomii! See you in the 'verse o7

Welcome aboard.

I am also a vet working in Germany. It is great having you in the Organization, and I recommend you keep an eye on the calendar for scheduled events. The chat rooms are the perfect place to join a group and have your own adventure. As for skydiving, let me know a good jump zone, and I will be there. See you in the verse, and have fun.

Welcome to ADI. Always love meeting new people with a shared goal in the game.


Welcome Aboard!

ORG has several current and prior military service members, you will feel right at home. Please feel free to join discord and sign up for any of the training exercises we have during the week.

Thanks for all the welcoming thoughts! Its awesome to see how like minded everyone is, and how well organized this org is. Though, I suppose that is the point in the first place :slight_smile:

Welcome Loomii! Spent many years rock climbing myself.

Welcome in, Loomii!

I’m not quite the adrenaline seeker that you are (one and done is my personal motto there), but I’m also retired (USAF).

I hope to see you in the 'verse!