Logitech X56

I just recently purchased a Logitech X56 and was wondering if anyone has found a good profile for it. I mine a lot and would like one with laser control. Also, would like one with a diagram that I can refer too, until I memorize the keybinds. Any recommendations or help is appreciated.

I would suggest getting a blank template that is easy to read and spend some time filling it up with text layers in an editor like photoshop. You’ll most definitely make some adjustments and move things around so having a PS file you can edit at any time is handy. Most templates I found were vertical for some reason soI cut it in half and stack horizontally so it can fit in on second monitor.
A quick google search got me this pic. See if it fits you.


I use the image @CrisaliS has posted but I can’t recommend making you’re own strongly enough. Unused to use one I found on spectrum which was good but when eventually made my own it was alot more natural

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I just spent the last couple hours using that picture and creating my own. I am sure it will need tweaking here and there but so far so good. Can not wait to get some actual game time with it. Thank you all. o7

Getting my X56 Wednesday.

If someone will do the internal programing to the OEM software and make sure I understand how to do the tutorial I can apply this one to the X56

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