iPhone Mumble Cert Import Problem

I’ll be on the road today during the all-hands call, and want to connect to Mumble from my iPhone.

Exported my Mumble cert from my main PC instance. Copied the exported .p12 file to my iPhone. When I install using the normal process using iPhone Settings, it is prompting me for a certificate password: ENTER THE PASSWORD FOR THE CERTIFICATE “IDENTITY CERTIFICATE”

I didn’t create or specify a password when I did the export. So I’m not sure what it is looking for or expecting.

I’ve successfully exported and imported the Mumble cert between my two computers before (a Mac and my gaming PC) and did not have any trouble and was not prompted for a password. But the iPhone import process is requiring one for some reason.

Anyone else run into this or have any suggestions for me to try? Thanks in advance.

This forum post should help:

or this video:

Hope that helps!

Thanks @JayC . I’d found and tried these directions but they are several years old and assume the now legacy iTunes app. Apple’s new “Music” app handles things differently regarding installing certs. Now you copy the cert file to the iphone using any number of methods, then go into settings and “install” the unsigned cert there, making it available for any apps that might be looking for it.

During that process, probably the very last step, it prompts for the mystery “certificate password”.

I could certainly be wrong about this, but that is what my experience suggests so far. Let me know if there is something I’m missing or if there is more recent guidance on this process.

Either way, I appreciate the assistance!