Importing certificates into mumble

To import your mumble certificate into the IOS mobile app.
(For Windows import see the next post)

Step 1: Start Mumble on the device your certificate (the one you want to use) is stored.

Step 2: On the menu choose Configure, then Certificate Wizard.

Step 3: Select “Export current certificate”, then click Next.

Step 4: Click “Save As”, this will open a browser window where you can select the name and where you want to put your certificate. Choose a file location and choose a file name that you can remember for later (I put mine on the desktop and named it MumbleCert), then click “Save”.

Step 5: Click Finish. This will save the Mumble certificate where you chose with the as the name you chose.

Step 6: Connect your iPhone to your computer and start iTunes.

Step 7: On the left menu select your device, and sync it (right click your iPhone’s name and select sync or click the sync button on the bottom right of the iTunes window.

Step 8: At the top of the main iTunes window where it displays the information for your phone, you have a number of options along the top; Summary, Info, Apps, Tones, etc… Select the Apps tab.

Step 9: Scroll down to the File Sharing section of the Apps window. You will see two smaller sections, Apps on the left, and Documents on the right. In the Apps section select Mumble, then select “Add…” on the Documents section.

Step 10: Browse to the Mumble Certificate you saved earlier, and choose “Open”.

Step 11: On your iPhone open the Mumble App, select Preferences, then Certificate, Press the + button in the top right then select “Import from iTunes” then select the certificate.

Step 12: Relax & enjoy the soothing sounds of ADI mumble while walking the dog or pretending to work.

You can now connect to your mumble servers using the certificate you moved from your computer.


Running ADI Mumble on multiple computers.

If you attempt to log into Mumble from a different computer than the one you originally logged in with, you will receive a “Wrong password for user error.”

To handle this, you need to export the certificate from the original computer, and then import it to the new computer.

Click Configure → Certificate Wizard. Select Export current certificate, and then press Next. On the next screen, press Save As, and find a good location on your computer to save the certificate to – the Desktop is a good choice!

At this point, move the certificate file to the new computer through some method – a USB flash drive, email, etc.

Next, you’ll repeat the same steps, but instead of Export current certificate, you’ll select Import a certificate.

*Video instructions if you are still having trouble. … rtificate/

You should be able to connect to ADI now. It should be the same process for android/windows devices as well, let me know if you have any problems.