Introductions CaptainWolf


Hello, Everyone, my name is Joey or CaptainWolf you can call me either its a pleasure to meet you all. I am originally from China but lived in Australia for most of my life. I am currently a 20 years old university student studying the bachelor of aviation hoping to become an airline pilot once I graduate. I usually play flight simulator x, war thunder, insurgency sandstorm, GTA and CSGO, etc. I have recently just got into this game last week and I have to say that I am in love it. When I was looking for an organization and found this one. I knew that this was the organization I definitely want to join and make friends along the way as well. I am mostly into Transport and Commerce, Fleet security and Mission support services. I am also willing to help in any other divisions to the best of my ability. Once again it’s a pleasure to meet you and all and hope to get in contact with you guys soon.

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Welcome CaptainWolf! Glad to have you with us here at ADI, you picked the right org to call home with active and experienced members to enjoy the Verse. Hopefully we can get your OnBoarding completed this weekend and get you situated within ADI. Looking forward to talking with you and flying in the Verse.


Welcome Captainwolf well will be starting our ops again soon to its a good time to join up see you in the verse!



Welcome CommandoWolf!
you will fit in great here.
SC is very addicting, and can break the wallet if your not careful, haha.
check out the org ops once they start back up, you will learn a lot.
See you around the verse!


Hi CaptainWolf. Welcome to ADI. That’s cool that you’re in flight training. It helps when a bunch of us are flying around. Looking forward to seeing you in the 'verse. o7


Hello Captain and welcome to ADI! You should find plenty of members that have the same love for flight! Be sure to reach out if you need any help. See you in the Verse!


Welcome aboard Wolf.


Hi CommandoWolf, Welcome to ADI. It was nice to meet you earlier. Hopefully we can meet up and play together again sometime. See you in the verse.


Welcome to ADI Captain, glad to see someone who can fly an actual plane join up… :wink: You’ll likely fit right in here, as I know we have several folks that are also pilots.


Thank you very much scandalous. I’ve always loved flying with a deep passion and flying these unique space ships in star citizen is very unique. I’m looking forward to be flying with you guys soon :slight_smile:


Hello, Quadrupliplex thank you very much! Yeah, definitely I agree with you that star citizen is very addicting its a very beautiful game and its so hard to stay away from it, hahaha. Yep, I will check out the org operations once they start back up, I’ 've got so much to learn about this organization and game hahaha :D. Yeah, I’m definitely looking forward to seeing guys in the verse :smiley:


Hello Dakamer thank you very much! It’s great to hear that people in here all have something in common its amazing! :smiley: I’ll try my best to learn about this organization and game as soon as I can, there is so much to learn about, hahaha. Yeah definitely can’t wait to see you guys in the verse.


Hello Rowland621 Thank you very much!


Hello FabledFox, Thank you very much! Yeah it was great meeting and talking with you earlier before. Thank you so much with the on boarding process and introducing me around the star citizen universe it was great! Yeah definately looking forward to playing with you again. :smiley:


Hello RiddlerRicco, Thank you very much! Hahahaha it’ll be interesting to see how I can manage to fly different ships. Hopefully I’ll be able to fly smoothly :stuck_out_tongue: . Thats awesome to hear that there are several pilots here as well.


Welcome Commando, I can’t wait to fly with you soon!


Welcome to ADI Joey. We’re a great org with lots of things to do. I look forward to running ops with you.


Welcome to ADI CommandoWolf! Great to have you with us. Look forward to flying with you.


Welcome to ADI CaptainWolf, seems you are very good at responding here in the forums. I am glad to see some one so eager to be in communication with the org so early.


Thank you very much Cobra! It’s a pleasure to meet you and can’t wait to fly with you guys soon! :blush: