Introduction Zyllah

Hi, I’m looking for an active org to call home. I enjoy sci-fi and some fantasy. I played EvE for @ 10 years, small corps but mostly solo work. I like the indy side of the game tho I’m not adverse to pvp. I’ve played SC on and off for a few years (mostly off). My main games ATM are Valheim and WoT, I do play some Empyrion and Satisfactory.


Hi Zyllah and welcome to ADI. I never tried EVE as during that time I was mostly a console player. Started PC gaming when Covid started and was happy to find SC. I still play many other platforms but I find myself always coming back to play SC.

Good to meet ya and see you in the verse.

Hi Zyllah
welcome to ADI
i can relate with the love of scifi and fantasy
looking forward to meeting you in the verse

Zyllah wlcome. Tryed miself solo in EVE but that was soo long ago.
What ship did you got, and did you aready choos a divison?

Welcome to ADI!

I was thinking Industry & Manufacturing and Mining & Salvage.

I was mining a lot miself at my super secret sweet quant spot, not until recently at least, when i watched in two separate youtube videos, guys explaining how beneficial for everyone is to mine exactly there :laughing: Two weeks later couldn’t find a single rock to mine even after 2-3 hours of search… Now im grinding rep with the security factions since only rep will remain unchanged after the next wipe. Feel free to reach out here or on mumble whenever you need advice. We might do also some mining together.

Hello! Welcome aboard Zyllah. The game has a way of making you change your focus, then changing again… and again… but in a good way.

A good game entices you into gameplay you might not chose.

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Welcome to ADI @Zyllah, hope you enjoy your time with the org, Look forward to catching you around the verse.

Welcome to ADI Zyllah!

Like you I was looking for a home as well when ADI caught my attention. I played EVE online as well when I heard about SC and never went back! If you ever need a partner feel free to add me.

Welcome to ADI, Zyllah.

\o/ Got both joysticks working, had to D/L a third party program to calibrate the RH joystick, it decided hard roll right and nose down and loop de loops were a good idea. Now I need to find something cute and fluffy to sacrifice to the gods of flight.

By the way, this is effing hilarious…

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I always have a hard time filling out a profile. Most of the time I just leave it as the letter Z and nothing else. So this time I decided to try filling out all the options. As I scrolled through pics I had saved there was a few that I was going to use but decided to see if there was an age minimum for the clan. Given there are occasionally minors there was a few I chose not to use. This one makes me smile and I’m not going to piss off parents with it. Normally I only join adult only groups as my filter is somewhat faulty. We’ll see what happens.