Introduction Svolich (Alex)

Hello, I been gaming since 79 I love gaming. I played Starflight, Protostar, Wing Commander and Freelancer etc…I have been following the development of Star Citizen since the beginning. I enjoy many different types of games . I enjoy Bounty missions the most but exploration is 2nd for me. I also like to multirole as pilot or gunner.

Welcome aboard my man, Look forward to seeing you in the verse!!

Welcome to ADI O7
It’s always great to see Freelancer players :slight_smile:


It is great chatting with you for a few minutes. We look forward to playing together, and I can’t wait to see your keyboard and mouse flight skills. Keep an eye on the calendar for planned events and training opportunities. The chat rooms are a great place to pick up some random gameplay and enjoy chatting in the org.

Once again, welcome aboard, and see you in the verse.

Welcome to ADI! You are making me wonder if we battled in Tradewars on a BBS at some point :wink:


Welcome Aboard!

Now that Squadron 42 is in polish mode, we are really hoping the additional dev capacity will be applied to adding features for members of org that enjoy that type of game play.

Hope to see you in the verse soon :slight_smile:

Welcome to ADI Svolich!

If you need any help getting settled into our amazing community, let us know!

See you out in the 'verse! Fly safe o7

Welcome to ADI Svolich.
Great to have you on board. I am look forward to seeing you in game and running some missions with you.

Welcome to ADI @Svolich. I think it’s really interesting your top 2 interests are Bounty and Exploration!! See you around the 'Verse soon!

Happy to have you here with us mate. You’re a veteran :slight_smile: Enjoy your time with us at ADI

Welcome aboard Bro!

Welcome to the 'verse! What’s been your favorite multirole ship so far?

Hi Svolich! welcome aboard, you’ll find all that you’re looking for in terms of gameplay and way way more 'cause you’ll find out ADI is the right place to learn the game fast and better.
See you in space o7

Welcome in! Glad to have you aboard, see you in the verse very soon :smile:

Welcome! cant wait to meet ya in game!

Welcome aboard Svolich! Wing Commander ha always been a favorite of mine.

Welcome to ADI Alex. It’s great to have you on board.

Oh wow, I don’t think I know anyone else who played Protostar. Such an immersive, feature packed game for its time. I also played pretty much everything Wing Commander many times over (including ordering all the Secret Missions and Special Operations packs for WC1 and WC2 through the mail before you could DLC :laughing: ).

I’m new to the org too, so hopefully we can meet up in the verse for some coop sometime!

Welcome to ADI, Svolich!

That’s quite the venerable game list. I keep telling myself that I’ll get to Wing Commander (and not just the movie, which was Grade B awesome!) someday. PVE space bounties are one of my favored past times as well (PVP not so much, but I’ve found that the more that I play, the better I become 1v1 at least).

See you in the 'verse!