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Aye, What up Folks?

My name is Terry, I live in the Cayman Islands and I’m 31 and have 2 kids.

Been playing PC games since I was 9, mostly FPS and MMO’s ( Medal of Honor, Counter-Strike, FF14, WoW and the GOAT, Star Wars Galaxies) Played CS professionally when I was younger (Weekend Warriors, Mouseworx, Angry Mob). Sorta took a back seat to real life and MMO’s, now I just play CS to talk shit to lil kids. :smiley:

SWG - I think was my favorite experience playing video games ever, I played on Shadowfire, my guild was still there when they shut the server down in '11 way after I had quit once they changed the combat. I was a cartel leader! (bunch of heavily armed doctors selling SPICE and Protection to the donkey spice users) We basically ran that server when it came to currency and loans. Pretty much 80% of all SPICE sold was by us. (for anyone who doesn’t know SWG, Spice is literally crack in game. The character takes the certain spice and receives a certain stat buff, but there is an after affect that makes you weaker in that stat category if you don’t take more of the same spice or wait on a cooldown) more accurate info

WoW - took up a few good years of my life, played on Mannoroth with IRL friends and family. Cousin of mine was actually World First for the first legendary fist weapon (claw of the black drake). Always played as a priest and the guild I was apart of was top 10 in the US at all times.

Now I’m here, wanting to learn something new and cool with some well versed players. I plan on purchasing a very nice game package with the intention of exploration or whatever ADI suggests.

Thanks yall.

Welcome to ADI Sh0tta! you found the best org in SC. Great community and just about a string attached to all corners of SC. Looking forward to flying with you.

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Hello and warm welcome to ADI @sh0tta!

I played a lot of counterstrike back in the day, never professionally though.
Looking forward to getting to know you 'verseside.

Welcome to ADI sh0tta. I’m glad you joined the team. I’m more of a Skyrim guy; CoD2-MW3, Freelancer and Westwood studio classics. I look forward to running ops with you.

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Welcome Sh0tta! I’m right there with you on SWG, best MMO I ever played! Looking forward to seeing you around the verse!

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Hi Sh0tta, welcome to ADI. What ship manufacturer are you into? You looking to control trade as much as possible in this? Trading is something I keep meaning to explore more bit I just end up in FPS along with a re-spawning cycle.

Hi Sh0tta & welcome to ADI.
Looking forward to meeting you verse side.

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Hi Sh0tta,

Welcome to the org!

Ha, a fellow WoW priest :slight_smile: Did you play as Holy or did you fall to the dark side?

See you in the Verse :slight_smile:

Hi @sh0tta,

Welcome to ADI.

It sure looks like you have had a blast in all the games you have been playing. What drew you into Star Citizen and what do you like doing in the game?

Welcome to ADI, yes SWG was the GOAT! I was on starsider. This game is the next best thing. Many of the hallmark features of SWG are or will be implemented in Star Citizen. But on a much grander scale! Have fun!

Honestly, I haven’t played this game yet at all, I’m trying to figure out which ship to purchase. I’m a complete noob. The atmosphere of the game reminds me so much of SWG (just much better graphics :wink: ), I had to at least support it, which I have been doing for a few months now through subscription. Now that I’ve done a lot more research, I’m very interested in playing, so to further support the development, I want to purchase an somewhat expensive ship, even though Airtria has explained that there is no real need to spend big (plus a ton more, thanks bro).

So I was thinking exploration, I really star trek :V

I was thinking Freelancer DUR?

I was both in Vanilla, had Benediction/Anathema. Mostly shadow in BC.

Yeah bro, that’s exactly why I’m here man! can’t wait to really get into things.

Thanks for having me!

Man we should play some time if you have CSGO?

I’m was explore as much as possible. I wanna find places people haven’t seen yet. :smiley: But a lil trade never hurt… :wink:

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Might be worth learning a language too :slight_smile:

Word? This game is crazy. :heart_eyes:

It’s wonderful isn’t it. It makes me tingle but it’s frustrating as hell at the same time. Hopefully the new roadmap updates and the way they’re gonna communicate with us will help with that though.
I’ve looked at Xi’an but I’ve not started to commit the syllables to memory. I know there’s other interested in the org.
I was never good at languages so that’s holding me back. I’m good at math though and I like the logicality of it.

“makes me tingle but it’s frustrating as hell at the same time.”

  • Much like my other half.
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