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Hey Everyone!

I am just starting out playing SC, literally have a few hours into the game. My cousin started to teach me the ropes but I decided I wanted to get into a Org sooner then later to actually learn and make other friends in game.

I am 24 years old and currently an Infantryman in the US Army, but in the process of being Medboarded out. After which I will probably finish out school. I have my first kid on the way due in the next 4 weeks (great timing to start a complicated game, I know.)

But in terms of gaming experience, I have extensive experience in FPS games and some smaller experience in flying games (star wars Squadron).

Hoping to be able to get more involved and make some new friends in the process!

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Welcome welcome.
There are alot of members within ADI that can easily help you out!
ADI’s biggest motto, is real life first.

You’ll feel like your back in the barracks…as there are a handful of 11Bang Bangs in ADI as well as Marines and others from other Nation Armies. Like an international Legion or VFW club :wink:

whenever you have the time, jump onto Mumble to complete the onboarding process! someone is always on and monitoring our mumble server

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Hello!! Welcome to ADI. You will be busy very soon… and tired. I have 2 children and I remember those days of early child rearing…

Seal guy, welcome to ADI. This game is much more enjoyable with friends. Glad to have you here. Also US Army vet here.

Welcome to ADI sealguy. You will fit in great here with all the veterans and servicemen we have in the org. Any questions or help you need just ask.

Hey @sealguy welcome to the club. Glad you choose our org and hope to se more of you soon.

Welcome, look forward to playing with ya!

Welcome to ADI and see you in Mumble

Welcome to ADI, my guy!

Welcome to ADI and see you in the verse