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My name is ReadyForSwat, with the real name Chris. I’m intrigued about ADI and how it works. Have been looking for a Organization for a bit that fits my focus within Star Citizen. Hyndrosa, has intrigued me of ADI while we were playing New World and has got me excited to jump back in fully. I mostly focus Logistics and Transportation. Hugely into Cargo, and Trade. I’ve been playing Star Citizen on/off since 2017. However, a little bit about my self, I’m a Production Pastor for a Mega Church. I’m very much a passionate person and love getting to know people and enjoy the random conversations during gameplay. I do freelance game development as a hobby and create roleplay mods/frameworks for games.


WElcome to ADI @ReadyForSwat
it was great meeting you during the onboarding
looking forward to meeting you in game in the verse!

Welcome to the Org! Trade is a fairly dependable way to make money! Which ships do you have currently and which are you interested in?

Was an absolute pleasure meeting you, Looking forward to meeting you in game as well!

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I have a the default Aurora, however I have a Corsair, Hull C, Expanse, Prospector, BMM, and 2 Stvs. Currently using my C2 loaner for Trade. Im mostly looking forward the Hull Series, as I plan to own C, D, E. However a dream ship is the Pioneer.

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Welcome ! Glad you have found your home now here!

A hearty welcome to ADI Swat, can always use cargo haulers and traders. Who else to make money and handle our logistics! Also, Commerce and Transportation is having a cargo hauling operation on friday, maybe you’d like to jump in to meet your colleagues:

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@ReadyForSwat congratulations on becoming the newest member of ouer team! Hope you find your role rewarding and challenging. You might wanna swing by mumble for some fun-team gameplay emersion or discuss current and future game mechanics. I’ll see you verse.

Welcome to ADI @ReadyForSwat!
There are a lot of good intriguing conversations during gameplay so you should fit right in! Hope to see you on the verse!

Welcome to ADI!

Hi ReadyForSwat and welcome to the org. I played New World a bit, but SC just keeps pulling back. Nothing against NW but I think I burnt by virtual copy in VR this week. LOL. Anyway, I look forward to your contributions and hope to team up with you some time. See you in the verse.

Wow, that’s awesome. Glad you found us. Welcome to ADI, ReadyForSwat