Introduction of Atomic Punx

Greetings all! My real name is Ronnie. I am from Texas. All my friends call me AP (AtomicPunx) and yes I am a VH fan for those that might wonder where my nic name was derived from. I am glad to have found a home in SC. I have backed this game from the beginning as I have a love for space and also played many Sci Fi space sims through the years! Tie Fighter was probably the first. I cant wait to set out on new adventures with you all throughout the SC Universe!

One of my favorite quotes of all time is:
Let the Divine Slapping of Foreheads Commence in Unison!


Howdy pardner!.. Welcome to ADi. Nice to have an original backer with us. Divine slaps abound!

Welcome to ADI, Atomic!

I also fell for this game pretty hard, but I only got into it somewhat recently (3.13.1). I do wish that I’d found out about it much sooner! It’s crazy how much it’s changed even since I’d started playing. I’m glad that you found ADI!

Hope to see you in the 'verse!

Welcome! Glad you decided to go with us!

Welcome aboard AtomicPunx!
My forehead is already burning since long ago :smiley:
check Spectrum so you can reach us on discord and complete your onboarding.

Welcome aboard brother!

Welcome to ADI, AP!

Great time to Jump into an Org, Right Now. There’s an Eruption of new features on the horizon and you’re obviously a Man On A Mission. I say It’s About Time to get those Xenothreat hoodlums out of Stanton - hope to see you in the verse - let’s Light Up The Sky!

Welcome to ADI. Looking forward to meeting you in game and on Discord. I spent some time in Texas myself while stationed there in the Army. Please reach out for help, assistance to complete missions in game or salvaging to build in game aUEC. Let the new Adventures with ADI begin! Duncan_Idahobo

Hello AP,
Welcome and see you in the verse! Don’t hesitate to add me in game to holler if you ever need a hand.
o7 …

Welcome aboard AtomicPunx!

Welcome to ADI AtomicPunx!

If you need help settling into ADI let us know!

See you out in the 'verse! Fly safe o7

Hello AtomicPunx. Welcome to the org. Looking forward to playing with you.


Welcome to ADI

What type of game-play loops do you overly enjoy?