Introduction - KapokWu

I want to be a part of a living organization, and to witness how humanity faces all these technical and psychological challenges the deep space provides.

I have been playing Eve Online, Entropia Universe and (starting this year) Star Citizen. I play about 5 h per week (I have a life) and have been slowly learning some of the game loops (package delivery, mining, bunkers, some of the bounty types) but I am not yet very proficient in space combat. Myh weakest points are:

  • cannot always talk since my family shares the same space my PC is,
  • a complete beginner in Discord/Mumble culture,
  • not great social skills (even I do obey clear commands until i forget what it was)

But besides those weak points, I could be a reliable participant in hauling, healing, mining and such, mainly supportive roles. Currently I am in POV (Protectors of Verum), but they are too quiet even to myh diminutive social needs.


ADI might not be the best fit for you then. We require voice comms when playing Star Citizen for all members.

Welcome ADI KapokWu!
I understand the stress of gamming and being around loud family members. It can be a small hassel, however long as you have a headset and we get you squared away on mumble, you will be fine. Hope to see you in the verse!

KapokWu, welcome to ADI. Sometimes you just have to laugh it all off. Remember they are not bugs they are game features.

Hello and welcome to ADI. what ship is your favourite?

Uhm, 400i (I have had it few times in PTUs and sometimes in PUs, when I was on top of myh wealth just before a wipe…). Could be also the spirit cargo version, let’s see. And da Mole, and 135c. If you see more than one, it is just because i am not good in counting, and in making decisions.

Welcome @KapokWu! Like you I was looking for a home as well when ADI caught my attention. If you ever need a partner, feel free to add me.

Welcome! Comms is important! Social skills though we all are still working on that one. After all most of us are star nerds. Hope to see you in the verse!