Introduction - GeoGuy22

Hi everyone! I joined the verse in March 2016 but only played for a couple months. Now that there is a bunch of content i am ready to jump in for real. Mostly interested in mining, exploration, and maybe bounty hunting.

I R L - love anything science. love to hike.

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Welcome to ADI @GeoGuy22!

Definitely a lot in the verse at the moment since then and more to come, hopefully soon too. Looking forward to when they add in a new solar system, Pyro I believe will be next. Will be awesome!

I should do some hiking, well a lot of hiking…

Glad to you have you with us!

Welcome @GeoGuy22!

Mining is a real hoot. Hope to travel with you in the 'verse.

Welcome to the team @GeoGuy22, nice I see your interested in mining let me know if you ever need someone to go mining with. I’ll see you out there.

Welcome again, @GeoGuy22. Very cool talking with you earlier in Mumble. Looking forward to seeing you in the Verse. Especially when all the mining is rocking and rolling.

Hi Gwo, welcome to ADI. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for the bounty hunters. I’m looking forward to that too.

Welcome to ADI GeoGuy22. I’m glad you joined the team. I hope you take stab at ADI’s mission ops as soon as you’re comfortable.

Howdy and welcome to the org!

I also love science, I took enough OChem to get myself though my work days :slight_smile:
What division did you join and what is your favorite ship so far?

Welcome to ADI! Mining and bounty hunting will keep you busy for a time, but exploration will keep you busy forever :slight_smile: As I’m sure you’ve noticed, much has changed in the last 4 years and there is so much to see and do. See you in the verse!

Welcome to ADI GeoGuy22, I hope you find what you are looking for here. Don’t forget to check out the forums and sign up for any org ops and training that interests you.

@GeoGuy22 I too enjoy hiking, I moved away from Colorado and the rockies but visit often. Just recently picked up a MTB trailbike and I run/ride singletrack 3 times a week usually. Love the outdoors glad to meet another.

I hear bounty hunting is coming pretty soon. I’m sure it will be great! Welcome to ADI!

Thanks – looking forward to seeing you in the verse.

Thanks! Looking forward to meeting you in the verse!

Thanks! Looking forward to meeting you in the verse!

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Welcome to ADI @GeoGuy22! I too love to hike, and love all the content in this game. Hope to see you in the verse real soon.

Hi GeoGuy, Glad you found us. Let us know if you have any questions. Hope to fly with you soon.

welcome @GeoGuy22 mining is fun with the prospect! see ya around in space

Thank you for reaching out. I plan to ease into the game over the coming months. Practicing a bit of solo on Prospector and Sabre, and hope to see you in the Verse.

Welcome to ADI! im sure you will be welcomed here in open arms! A fellow hiker i see. Favorite places to hike at?

Hi Phazegate!

I live in Oregon – so love hiking in the Oregon and Washington Cascade Mountains. Also love the Rockies – did a bunch in Teton and Glacier NPs this summer.

How about you?

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