Introduction - GeoGuy22

Ohh, bounty hunting can be fun. Welcome to the Org!

I too like science, and I am hoping to one day make a neato powered suit…

Thanks – looking forward to getting to know you guys. The suit sounds interesting.

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Yea, I am eventually going to commission some fullplate armour to work as the exoskeleton, and then build up from there… but that goal is quite a ways away.

I live in Illinois and have hiked there a bunch, but I’ve also visited the cascade mountains, and i absolutely loved it!

Welcome GeoGuy. Look forward to working with you in the 'verse.

Thanks Herk!

Hope to run into you. I will start playing more once the fall rains start in a few weeks.

Take care.

Welcome GeoGuy,

Have you ever been to Craters of the Moon NP in Idaho? I’ve never been, but I’ve learned a bit about it and it seems like an awesome place.

hi Sylvan! yes, been there a few times - lots of interesting lava and small cones. nice place to stop for a couple hours if on way to Yellowstone (from Oregon side).

joined mining and salvage. enjoying the prospector. Have a Carrack but too intimidated to take it out yet. haha

During the free fly, I found the Carrack to be surprisingly easy to fly. I almost bought one but didn’t want to be one of the masses for an explorer ship.

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