Introduction - Fragzo

Hi everyone,

I am Fragzo, 30, from the Netherlands.

I pledged back in 2017 but took a long break since my gpu wasn’t able to run the game. But it seems it is now. The past couple of days I managed to get used to the controls again and obviously forgot to equip my helmet.

I hope to transport things for now and see what else I can achieve in SC.

Looking forwards to play with all of you!




Hello and welcome. What ship is your ship of choice for transport?

ADI always needs Space Truckers!!

I have a Freelancer DUR.

Solid ship that one.
Keep on Space Truckin!!

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Welcome to ADI @RiddleTime hope you enjoy your time with the Organization, Was a pleasure speaking with you today for your on-boarding look forward to catching you around the verse.

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@RiddleTime Welcome! Happy to be your pre OB guy. Transporting is going to become an interesting featur of the game soon. Hope you are ready :wink:I’ll see you in te verse

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Welcome to ADI

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welcome to ADI @RiddleTime
glad to hear that u can run the game now.
any specific missions you like to do?
looking forward to meeting you in the verse

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I am currently doing delivery missions to get a good feel for the mechanics. From there on I think I’d have to see what comes on my path.

Welcome ADI Fragzo!
We have a Transportation Division I hope to see you in. See you in the Verse!

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Welcome Fragzo to ADI! See you in game.

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