Introduction - Famiglianare

Hi Everyone! I am new to Star Citizen and enjoy munching on rocks in space and hauling around cargo. Not always the best at FPS but I do enjoy going out on missions and improving my skills.

Welcome to ADI and to the Verse Famiglianare!

Welcome to ADI Famiglianare!

If you need any help getting started in Star Citizen, or just want to grab a few guys to do some missions with you, let us know!

See you out in the 'verse! Fly safe o7

Welcome! DM any of us if you need help in-game!

Always good to have a rock chewer on the roster, like that big granite guy with the stone bicycle in The Neverending Story. Welcome!

Welcome to ADI Familianare!

Hi again Famiglianare! Happy to see you here at long last. I see that your brother also joined, waiting for him too to get aboard with the “ADI tribe”.
Plenty of infos to catch up on the forums, check calendar for scheduled activities of your interest.
You’re in the right place, see you in space guys o7

Welcome! I pull together people from time to time for ERT missions and we then gather dropped high value cargo to sell. Just want to suggest trying that out sometime if you have not yet! Watch the Looking For Group (#LFG) discord channel for fun stuff too!

Welcome Famiglianare to the ADI family. Research the forums, check out what going on and sign up for our semi-weekly and weekly events. See you around. M

Welcome aboard

If you want training to improve your FPS skills, keep an eye on the calendar for scheduled training. As for munching rocks, keep an eye on the chat groups for teams of players going out and putting in that work mining. If you ever want to munch ships vs rocks, send me a PM; I’m always looking for a crew. It is great having you, and I look forward to seeing you in the verse.

Welcome to ADI. I have had fun playing with you the other night and look forward to many more.


There are tons of things to do within the verse, FPS is just one of those things, feel free to sign up for Marine Basic Training, there are 2 events during the week.

Welcome aboard!

Welcome to ADI, Famiglianare!

I’m partial to cargo hauling myself, and I dabble a good bit with other aspects as well - even FPS which isn’t my favorite. If you’re looking to get better with FPS, definitely check out MBT (marine basic training) if you get the chance.

See you in the 'verse!