Introduction - Arbert

Hello there, I am Arbert, currently lives in the United Kingdom.

This is the second dog-fight space freight simulation game I have played, born as a soldier, shit at flying, always in a Heavy Armor, always vigilant.

Happy to be stuck in anyone’s cargo and ready for any combat mission.
(Raingun’s cooldown is my favourite sound so far)


Hello Arbert, welcome to ADI glad you joined. I think you might fit in well with the marines. Note they are also the most fun in voice chat… :wink:

Welcome to ADI, Arbert! We need some people patrolling our larger ships. Recently had two stowaways in a Starfarer!

Hey there Arbert! Welcome to ADI! I’m sure with a bit of practice you’ll get the hang of flying :slight_smile:
Until then, we can always use marines :smiley:

Greetings Arbert. Welcome to ADI! Sounds like you’ll be right at home with marines. See you in the 'Verse! o7

Welcome to ADI Arbert see you in the verse!


Welcome aboard Arbert! Good to have you with us!

Glad to be here, sir.
It feels like home already.

Thank you sir.
If I am fortunate enough to complete my training, I will make sure that these stowaways receive their invoice.

Thanks Destava, I will working hard for this.

Thanks, Scandalous.
See you in the verse!
(I´ll count on it)

Thank you, sir.

Glad to be here, sir.

Hello Arbert, glad to have you onboard and look forward!

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Hi Arbert,

Welcome to ADI. Nice to get new marines for our trupps and flight groups. See you soon around Port OIisar and some where in a mission.

Welcome Arbert! Glad to have you with us here at ADI, you picked the right org to call home with active and experienced members to enjoy the Verse. Hope to fly with you soon!

Hello Arbert and welcome to ADI! We have a lot of running and gunning, here in ADI! You will fit right in with most of the membes and I look forward to seeing you in game!

Hello Turin, glad to be here and thanks for the welcome.

Thank you, sir.
Really looking forward to fight beside fellow marine brothers.

Glad to be here, sir. Looking forward to fly with you sir.