Introduction - Arbert

Thank you for the warm welcome, sir.
Looking forward to see you in game too, sir.

Welcome to the org Arbert. Look forward to seeing you out there with us!

Welcome Arbert to ADI, i see you in the verse man

Welcome to ADI Arbert. Sc is my second game too. Iā€™m an ardent fan of the original Freelancer, upon which SC is largely based. I look forward to running ops with you.

Welcome, Arbert! I can already picture your hanging off the side of a Valkyrie raining down bullets like a madman. Glad you decided to make ADI your home. See you around!

other way round for me, terrible solider prefer the cockpit. Look forward to playing alongside you .

Welcome aboard to ADI Arbert and I agree with Riddler, you are a perfect candidate for the Marine Contingent under Fleet Security since that is originally the first job of the Marines, ship security and still is today depending on what ship. See you soon in the Verse and on Org OPs. ERR-RAH!

Heck yeah always in Heavy Armor! Same to avoid those weird shots that glitch through the cockpit and kill a pilot less armored. But welcome aboard to Atlas Defense Industries!