Introducing Sparkle_Burst

Hello everyone. I am Sparkle_Burst. I am currently a prospective member for ADI. I am still new to Star Citizen. I have only been in the game for about 2 week now. The main thing I have been doing is running the delivery box missions, doing some small trading of high value items, and joining others on their ships as a gunner. The only ship I currently own is the Avenger Titan. I love that ship. I think it’s well rounded for a variety of task.

I am not sure where I would fit in here as the main two things I like to do is trade and turret gunner. I prefer turret gunner over fighter pilot. LOL.


Welcome to ADI

Hey sparkle_burst

Welcome to ADI. We are glad to have you.
Yeah the titan is an amazing ship to start👍🏻
Looking forward to meeting you in the verse🙏🏻

Welcome to ADI Sparkle_Burst, Great to have you with us and welcome to Star Citizen, Titan is a great ship for small tasks. Again welcome to both ADI and Star citizen look forward to catching you around the verse.

Welcome to ADI! Avenger Titan is a decent starter ship!
Just remember to jump onto mumble to complete the onboarding process into ADI!

Welcome on board Sparkle_Burst, I am a huge lover of the Titan and still have mine. Can’t wait to fly with you!

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. I have completed onboarding and have done the self certifications. Even went on a few unofficial bunker missions with some ADI members today.

Glad to be here and look forward to seeing you around Stanton.

Hi there, hope to see you in the verse.

Hello welcome to the Org fellow Avenger Titan starter! I loved my time in it and honestly think it’s the best starter ship!
What game loop are you looking forward to doing most?