Intro - Ninjaheman

Hey folks! I bought Star Citizen many a moon ago. I actually forgot that I owned it. I did remember eventually, though and logged in to find a mostly playable game.

I’m just trying to find some space bros. I’ve been a long time Flight/Space sim gamer, amongst other genres. It all started with my dad’s copy of Red Baron back in the day.

These days (as far as sims go) I play War Thunder, Elite Dangerous, recently Star Citizen and have been trying to get into DCS. I heard you guys were capable pilots and figured I’d like to join a structured group like yours.

Thanks guys. :slight_smile:

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Hi Ninja, welcome to ADI. You’ve selected the right org and you’ll fit right in. Feel free to ask any member on Discord, Forums or Mumble for help with SC. We have a tech channels on all our comm platforms to ask for help with a HOTAS config and key binds so take advantage of that. Below is a recent example.

See you in the verse.

Thanks a lot for your help and warm welcome, man. Looking forward to many shenanigans with you guys.

WARNING! Shenanigans are a daily occurrence. LOL

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Music to my ears!

Hi Ninja, welcome to ADI

hey ninja i love warthunder as well glad you came back to the verse

Thanks a lot guys. Look forward to flying with you all soon.