Intro- Doppelganger

Hello, I am a returning player to SC. Been around since the beginning and have a pledge from 2013. I have a decent amount of ships to fit a variety of roles and look forward to learning what I have missed since I have been gone.

Welcome to ADI @Doppelganger. Lots to catch up on; great news is you’ll get lots of help with that here! See you around the 'Verse soon.

welcome aboard Doppelganger, it looks like the right moment to come back to SC!
See you in space o7

Welcome aboard Doppelganger!

Welcome in, Doppelganger! Things have certainly changed a lot since I started playing several years ago, and they are about to change a whole lot again with 3.23 and personal hangars (round 2?) / freight elevators.

See you in the 'verse!

Welcome Doppelganger! There are plenty around to help get you settled back into the Verse.

Welcome aboard fellow STFC player =]. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Welcome to ADI Doppel!

We have plenty of opportunities to form up and experience the wonders of the 'verse!

See you out there! Fly safe o7

Welcome to ADI Doppleganger. Glad to have you here and I look forward to seeing you in the game.

Welcome back to the game - it’s a brand new world out there! Great time to get back into the 'verse.

Welcome Back! Heck of a time to come back aint it lol


You came to the right place; we have folks for every type of gameplay. Keep an eye on the calendar for scheduled events and the chat rooms are a great place to join a random adventure. See you in the verse.

Welcome to ADI. SC is definitely moving very fast since CitCon and this pace is a beautiful era for the game. Positively the right time to enjoy it.