Help Help I need a joystick

Ok took foundations of flight tonight, I wanna say the instructors were amazing. Me… Not so much. I have decided to blame my mouse and keyboard… LOL.

So I am looking for a joystick setup. @Vardeth is also looking.

I have looked into it a bit. I would like to skip entry level and I can learn on a pretty large curve.

My initial thought is VBK Gladiator nxt evo:

Paired with the VBK galdiator Omni:

My budget is around 350 total. I would also end up purchasing desk mounts.

Recommendations are highly welcomed and strongly encouraged. I am very open on this topic.

Thanks in advance for any input.


I got the gladiator recently and it’s awesome. I was replacing my second thrustmaster which has issues with the twist sensor. I currently use it with the thrustmaster throttle that I had before but as soon as I can afford it, and probably before I can, I will get the Omni throttle as well.

One piece of advice is to pick a USB port to plug it into and stick with it. It’s a pain if it’s assignment changes and you have to reassign everything again. Also a thumbstick on the joystick can be used as a mouse which helps out a lot. Keeps you from having to use a mouse in certain situations like looking around in third person. Just make sure you set that before you assign everything because again it messes up all the assignments.

Oh yeah, the thumbstick I was referring to is part of the premium package which you might not want to spend the money on. Of course I think it’s required with the throttle.

The VKB Gladiator paired with the Omni is our current recommendation for a bang-for-the-buck setup. Not exactly a cheap setup, but it will last you a long time.

The setup you listed is what I’m using right now and I think it’s great for the price. Shipping is a little pricey but otherwise I recommend. Also I would go for the premium grip. It gives you an extra hat, second trigger and an option to switch out a hat for an analog stick.

Yeah I would either suggest getting them both premium, though with shipping and fees that will go over your budget, or get the joystick and a thrustmaster throttle. Since your starting from scratch, I’d go with the former.

Done and done. Gladiator premium purchased Omni purchased. Now the anticipatory wait.

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The wait man. THE WAIT!!!

Damn, now I’m going to have to get the Omni. I wonder if “Honey, I got to spend a couple hundred on a Omni, Smoothandbumpy has one,” would convince my husband.

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@ottermon that usually works for @Vardeth hahahaha.

Actually my spouse is HORRIBLE with money which I tend to be OCD about. So he gives me most of his paycheck and never has to think about bills. And we’ve found a good balance between money nazi me and oh we can put it on credit and pay it later him. So he wouldn’t know. Damn, I want that omni.:frowning: Maybe for Christmas.

Now cleaning and decorating are definately his domains. I could care less if the bedsheets colors go together. Though it is nice to have them washed reguarly. In the past I usually knew they need to be changed when they develop holes.

Lol. If i’m being honest i broke the hydrolics in my desk chair and i was supposed to purchase a desk chair… buuuuuut. i mean my chair still sits so… Joysticks. LOL.

If you like the rest of the chair, just replace the hydrolics.

Might have to;)

Yeah, I’ve already played the; I get a bonus this month and part of it goes to joystick and throttle.

What about the Logitech G X56 HOTAS?

The X56 is a reasonable option if the VKB NXT/OMNI combo is out of budget. The throttle is decent. The stick lacks “feel” because it’s the outdated single spring design that doesn’t come close to the joy of using a multi-spring cam system like you get in the VKB Gladiator (plastic mechanism), VKB Gunfighter (metal mechanism) or Virpil (metal mechanism). The X56 stick has a clunky center and inconsistent resistance through it’s range of motion.

That said, I killed plenty of people using the X56 and even after I splurged for a Gunfighter Mkiii to replace the stick I happily continued to use the throttle until I tried the OMNI.

It really is a budget question. $400 “buy once, cry once” for what I consider to be the perfect SC control setup (VKB NXT + OMNI), or about $220 for the X56 and commit to it if you’re sure you’re not going to upgrade later anyway…otherwise you’re just paying more over time.

What you “need” also depends a lot on what you want to do. If you’re not trying to be a PvP fighter pilot…it’s not like you need top tier gear to do general PVE or industrial jobs. Even then, when you look at top tier PvPers you’ll find dual stick, HOTAS, OMNI, and m/kb. It all comes down to what you are used to and how much time you put into building the skill. Some methods are just easier than others.

Joystick choice is like a box of chocolates- er something. For variety:

FSSB R3 with RS grip and Mongoose CM3 with center detent. Force feedback. Finger slew on throttle for strafe is downside for some- I find it pretty intuitive and accurate.

I am about to place my order for the VKB NXT Gladiator and Omni Premium sticks, was wondering if anyone else would recommend the desk mounts/holddowns or just use the base sticks as is? I can get animated and nothing is more annoying that sticks that ‘fly’ during the heat of the battle.

My cart is $466 for the Black Friday discount today… soooo, if anyone can pipe in on what to do to secure the sticks to the desk I would appreciate it too.


UPDATE: I waited until this evening to see the replies here, thankfully. Thenprice dropped from $466 to $386 with shipping, so hesitation pays sometimes. Looking at same mounts Smooth researched, i too will respond once they are tested. Thanks for the comments and suggestions. @Frakk thanks for your never ending support to us all.

I’m currently using mine on the desk. Not attached. I have mounts ordered from Amazon should show up today. Hopefully they are what I’m looking for…