Hi, I’m new to the org, I had been playing since 3.17 most of the time solo just wanna to have a fun game play and I’ll try to help out if anyone needs it.


So glad you joined us. Welcome to ADI. Please reach out to the membership, make friends, ask for help and most of all enjoy all we have to share and offer. Regards, Duncan_Idahobo

Welcome to ADI Excelion!

If you need any help settling into this amazing community let us know!

See you out in the 'verse! Fly safe o7

Welcome to ADI, Exzillion!

My journey with SC began in 3.17.1, so I missed the personal hangar module. Did you get to try it out? I’m also a primarily solo player, but I also help out as I’m able as well. Definitely don’t be shy, join in Discord voice and sign up for some Org Ops that look interesting (calendar on the upper right).

Hope to see you in the 'verse!

Welcome, Exzillion! Glad you joined us :slight_smile:

Welcome! Turning on multiplayer mode by joining an Org is a brand new game, and you picked a great time to do it.

Thank guys, i too look forword to play along side with you guys, need transport or need to borrow a ships I’ll try to provide it ( if I got the ship ) lol. :innocent: :grinning:

Handle name Exzelion.

Its a game after all. Fun is in the middle of everything :slight_smile: Immersive fun. Welcome to ADI.

Hi Exzelion,
if you’re looking for a nice group to have fun with, you’re definitely in the right place!
Very welcome and see you in space soon! o7

Welcome to ADI! Looking forward to being in game with you sometime :slight_smile:

Welcome Exzelion!

Welcome Exzelion!

Welcome to ADI!

Welcome Exzelion,
o7 See you in the verse, and never hesitate to reach out if you ever need a hand!

Hello Exzelion. Welcome to the org. Looking forward to playing with you.