Buying Hull-E... Should I?

Hey guys

Currently i have:

Super hornet

I am seriously considering picking up a Hull-E or an Orion during this sell.

Which could the org use more? I want to contribute to the org a lot as well as make plenty of UEC for myself along the way :stuck_out_tongue:

So what do you guys think? Which could the org use more and which do you think will yield the best credits in game?

I think the Orion would be a better buy for money making in game.

I can’t think on those scales but I was thinking of a Hull-B myself to replace Reliant. :confused:

I really worry this game will have botters like any other and if so, mining seems like the first place botters will go.

I could be wrong but i feel like mass transport will be a bit more full proof.

Does the org need more miners?

Botters don’t matter in this game. You’re not racing against someone else. There are no levels in this game. There is no end game. It’s about personal and shared expierence that makes the game. It’s a new world of gaming, a new style of gaming. Just IMHO.

I think it will be very rare for Botters to actually work. The complexity of the game will make it very difficult.

Safe play, go with the Hull, for a little more risk and adventure, go with the Orion. I think you could make a very decent payout on either ship.

I’d go back and watch read the articles about mining, it’s a number of different minigames. I think it’s going to be pretty hard to automate mining.

Yeah i know there wont be like leveling bots or anything but in games like WoW people buy bots to farm herbs and mining nodes etc etc So i dont want to get a mining ship only to find the prices of ore is being driven down by bots. But what JayC is telling me is new to me, i didnt realize they were approaching professions like mining in a way that would make it very difficult for botters so that is encouraging.

I guess my ultimate question is, how does our org structure mining and shipping.

Do we have a group of miners going out with escorts and a couple of Hull series running the mined ore back to base or will it be more on your own type of play?

Its a hard decision but actually after looking it may be smarter to get the Hull D and the Orion and those 2 together arent much more than the single hull-e. But if shipping is very profitable then i will regret not just getting the hull-e and making the same amount of credits for doing less… On the other hand i worry that i will buy the hull E and it will remain half empty all the time because it takes a ton of cargo to fill it up.

Hard decisions are hard :frowning:

If you have the cheddar, go with the Orion and hull C = $525 vs. one hull E = $550. You’ll have a lot more options.

I wouldn’t really worry about the org’s needs because we have quiet a few ships from org donations and members with a rather healthy appetite for ship buying. Do what you want for ships, what ship will be fun for you?

I got the hull-e

But i did it more just to get it into my account. I am thinking of either keeping it or melting it for an orion and hull-c.

Alternatively i may upgrade my andromeda to an orion at a later date so then i will have orion and hull-e

It would help a lot to know how much cargo the hull-e really holds. I mean i know 90+ thousand units but how much is that in terms of a mining operation or fuel operation.

Last time we looked, a Hull-E will carry 7+ times a single Orion can hold… You also have the question of how you move the cargo between the Hull and the Orion while in space.

Hull-E’s are really too big for the average org to really use on a regular basis… Let alone individual members for in game profits.

The value of the cargo will be worth 10x the value of the ship, meaning that any cargo runs of a full Hull-E will require a massive escort to protect the cargo in question.

Hull-C’s are big enough for most personal situations… just my 2 cents worth.

So it sounds like you dont anticipate the org using the E very much… is that the case? At the end of the day i dont want to solo in this game, so if the org will see more use out of me with a C and an Orion then i will switch over to that.

Technically right now i am in the fleet security branch of the org but i am not sure how profitable that will be either.

I really like the sounds of the Orion too… I am still open to melting the E tomorrow and switching to a C and the Orion both.


This makes it sound awesome though and way more than just a freighter. Also they confirmed an abundance of missions that would allow the filling of the Hull-E as well as the carrying of snub fighters and other defensive measures.

God they are making this difficult.

I suspect we’ll be making Hull E runs on a daily basis as an org.

As Jay said earlier, it will probably be difficult for the average org to make runs with an E often. However, we’re not the average org; we’re one of the largest orgs in the game, and we anticipate staying that way.

Others have suggested this as well, but I’ll mention it again. Go with what you would really like to play with. The org itself owns ships, and we have a lot of members with a lot of ships. Go with what you believe you will enjoy playing the most, because at this point the org will benefit most not from the ships themselves, but from you enjoying your personal ships (and being able to use your personal ships to their fullest extent).

Thanks guys

I got both lol

The fact that the Hull-E is very modular and can be loaded as much or as little as i want was appealing. So if i only have enough cargo for a Hull-C then i can load that much into the E and leave the rest empty. I was reluctant to take this approach because the engines on the E are way bigger than the C and there are more of them so running the E will be more expensive. However, after reading the developer Q&A on the Hull E they have stated that the ship will automatically turn off engines if it doesnt need them. So if i am not operating on a full load not all of the engines will be running which will significantly reduce the running costs of the ship.

I picked up the Orion too because its just a cool ass ship lol.

Thanks for all the help!


I think you might be missing a few things about running a Hull E vs a Hull C, and that is logistics… What I mean by that, is what Chris Roberts has been saying all along about this game. Since there are no “levels” and no set “End Game”. It all comes down to your skill and experiences, by yourself and/or shared. They’ll be costs in, time, fuel, maintenance, crew wages, tariffs, etc… in this game. just because you can fill your Hull E with only the amount a Hull C can carry, will your profit margins be the same after subtracting your costs?

An Example: When have you ever seen a train travel with only one fully loaded boxcar? The costs of fuel, services, and time alone would make doing so cost more than it’s worth. Better to use a Truck, which uses less full, needs only one driver, can travel faster and get to more locations easier. It’s all about logistics and how well we learn to use them ingame, that is the skill we’ll need to succeed and profit from.

Using the right tool(s) for the right job(s) at the right time(s), is how you get your best profit.

I’m not telling you what to buy or how to play, just offering up something to think about, before you determine how much you wish to pledge for.


I grabbed the transport pack with all the hulls, a Freelancer MIS, and a Constellation Phoenix. I mainly just wanted the phoenix with LTI without spending the 560-650 on the grey market, when I broke down the cost of the package I essentially got the Freelancer MIS for free, got the Constellation phoenix at cost with LTI, retained all my previous pledge ships aside from the Redeemer, and gained the Carrack + Hull-E.

I CCU’d the A to a super hornet, B to a sabre, C to a Vanguard Warden, D to a Carrack, and I’m gonna keep the E and see what happens.

I expect the Hull-E to be horrendously expensive to operate, and given that I’m in fleet security it’s not really going to be my job to be participating in transportation, or even exploration in the case of the Carrack. So who knows if I’ll ever even get a chance to use it.

But at the end of the day there is something so appealing to me about the gargantuan size and modularity of the Hull-E, I’m hoping it’s something I can slowly pour credits into over time and maybe eventually have some massive forward operating base with the ability to refit/refuel/rearm our fleets, with a bit of area denial weapons thrown into the mix. Or maybe its a slow boring day and I can do some safe space hauling contracts for a bit of cash to support my combat ships.

At this point I just want to get back my Redeemer with LTI through unmelt, and maybe pledge for the Corvette if it is available in such a way that I can actually get it. (I tried for the Idris and Javelin several times with no luck)

I appreciate the input. As i said in my post i am aware that the E by default is going to be more expensive to operate than the C even carrying the same cargo.

But my point was that in those rare cases that i will carry less than optimal cargo, it may be worth the reduced profits simply to not have to keep 2 different size cargo ships.

Also a large point i made was that the devs have already said the ship will dynamically shut down engines it doesnt need at the time significantly reducing running costs of the E so while it may be slower and harder to manuever, it wont be THAT much more expensive than a C carrying the same amount of cargo (although admittedly it will be more expensive because of increased fuel usage and having 2 more crew members.) So to answer your question, you rarely see trains running without cargo, but running with a Hull-C amount of cargo is hardly the same as running with nothing. I am not suggesting i will use the E as a replacement for an A or B but the C and D carry huge amounts of cargo… Especially the D version which is a 5 man crew just as the E.

So at the end of the day, it will be a matter of finding where to draw the line in terms of profitability. Will running any amount of cargo less than the D make the E too expensive? Or can we draw that line at the C variant? We have to wait and see but as of now i find it hard to believe CIG expects you to run these ships at 100% capacity or not at all… that wouldn’t be very practical.

Of course the devs could be completely downplaying the effectiveness of the efficiency that can be gained by shutting off systems you dont need but my best guess is that it will lead to reduced profits but perhaps not enough to put the operator in the red.

Again i appreciate the input but i am aware of everything you stated here. If it becomes to expensive to run when it isnt full, then i have my Orion to fall back on.

I just think it’s frigging awesome that you sprung for a mammoth ship! I want to park my Cutlass Red next to it and bask in the Hull E majesty.

For the price point of the hull E I would go the Orion and the C, The the Orion has Roughly 2x the cargo capacity of the Hull C. so the logic is that the hull picks up half the cargo which has been processed into refined ore and runs it to the production node or sale point by the time the C returns the other half has been processed. this would of course work best with 2 hull C’s as one would ideally be starting its way back as the previous one was leaving leaving very little wasted time during the mining operation.
also here is the article breaking down the design of the mining operation … ers-Mining

It would seem that anti-piracy is one of the great advantages of a huge ship like the Hull E. You might only be able to afford a hull full of water, but if you can find a 2:1 markup somewhere you’re still doubling all of your money. Smaller ships would have a lot harder time justifying the same run…

Especially pirates. Who’s going to risk a firefight for a Cutlass worth of water? Better to pass on by and try to catch a smaller ship with a load of diamonds or semiconductors or whatnot.

If I’m right, it would appear that a Hull E offers safety and market flexibility at the cost of maneuverability. So my question is, how much do you secretly like playing cat-and-mouse with bandits? That’s how I’d make this decision, personally.