Anyone using a foot pedal/switch for PTT?

If so

  • Do you find it better?
  • What are you using?

I’m finding that I’m wasting a lot of valuable real estate (buttons) mapping PTT on each of my devices (Joystick/Mouse/Controller).

I’m considering this:

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Not with a computer.

My only question is would Mumble recognize the device and accept it as an input…should, just don’t know.

In DCS (and RL) the RIO uses the pedals as PTT and the axis itself is used as PTT. I do the same quite often in other games but usually an axis can’t be used as PTT, so the solution is to simply trigger a joystick button when the axis moves after a certain threshold (mine is usually between 60% or 70%). It is usually very simple by means of your device’s software (CH Products, in my case).

You’re going to need ~3 PTT’s maybe 4 FYI.

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TyWen, did you find a foot switch? You and JayC got me thinking and I’ve been looking at these

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I picked up a couple from Amazon (the link I provided). I haven’t received them yet. I like your setup - multiple pedals. I found a similar one for USD $100+ (all metal) but I have concerns.

My concern is how it will work with my setup. I use Voice Attack extensively. I have my setup configured that when I press my PTT (joystick/mouse/controller), it disables Voice Attack. I need to make sure this same configuration will work with pedal(s).

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I am not sure how you guys can communicate when flying with the pedals?

What do you mean?

You need feet to use your pedals during combat and other flying.

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Only if you are using traditional (atmospheric) flight controls, which I am not.

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Me neither. All of my controls are on the stick and throttle. Having PTT on foot will free up buttons there and more importantly on my mouse for fps.
I can’t fly anyway so it’ll make no difference to that.

Since everyone is different, If you guys can fly good without pedals then by all means.

But just a friendly reminder, ADI recommends a HOTAS setup.

Does the recommended Hotas include pedal controls?

There isn’t one recommended HOTAS. And you are correct, many do not require pedals but use a joy
stick twist instead.

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I’ve been looking in to flight controls a lot over the last few hours. Configuration all seems to come down to personal preference. I’m going to go ahead with the three switch pedals listed above as it’ll free up buttons around my mouse which is what I want for FPS.
They’ll help with Flying too but working out how much will mean totally overhauling my configuration which is going to take a little time.

I would very much like a follow up post about how the three-pedal system worked for you. I too will follow up about how well my (two) individual pedals worked out.

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it’ll it might be a few weeks before I’m setup with them then a couple of month before I’m comfortable with it but I’ll come back to this and update.

I am curious as well how this works out for you guys. I’m not sure I could do it even though I am not using rudder pedals at the moment.

Some thing to consider if you have a modifier button on your HOTAS you could get 4 commands from two pedals.

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Received my foot pedals (in OP) and I’m impressed so far! I was able to set it up in just a few minutes. The software is really simple and intuitive. It allows you to program the pedal to emulate almost any device (keyboard, mouse, joystick, etc). You configure it and then it programs the firmware in the device.

I programmed my foot pedal to emulate a joystick that presses button one when I press the pedal. Voice Attack, Mumble, and Star Citizen all work with it! They just think it’s another unique joystick with a single button! So simple!

Still getting use to mashing PTT with my foot but I don’t think it will take long for it to become instinctive.


Great to hear TyWen. My guess is others will follow.

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