Zuk30 Introduction

Hey everyone My name is Chris or you can go by my handle Zuk30. I got into the game a while ago but ended up putting it down until recently. And am looking into getting some time in with y’all.


Hey Zuk30, welcome to ADI, I think you’ll find it very welcoming and helpful, plenty of members around to missions etc. with.

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Super excited to fly with you Zuk30! What ships do you like flying?

Howdy Chris!

Welcome to ADI. You won’t regret joining. I hope to fly with you soon.

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Hey there Zuk! Welcome to ADI glad to have you. We always have something going on in the verse from transport to bunker busting and everything in between. Looking forward to seeing you in there buddy!

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Welcome to ADI Zuk30. I’m glad you joined the team. Which division did you choose?

Thank you, I picked Fleet Security!

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Right now is the Warden but I’ve been playing around with my Retaliator as well I’m just waiting for the AI turrets to come back.

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Hi Zuk, welcome to ADI. Why fleet security? What gameplay do you enjoy? FPS, ship combat… I love FPS and can’t wait for it to be developed.

Welcome aboard, looking forward to meeting and flying alongside you in the verse. What game play aspect drew you into star citizen?

Hey there, Zuk30! Welcome to ADI. This is a great place to learn about Star Citizen and to help in the 'Verse. I look forward to running with you there.

Welcome to ADI, Zuk30, if you have any questions or need any help please don’t hesitate to ask, we’re always glad to help. Looking forward to flying with you in The Verse!

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