Your opinion: Avenger vs 315P

Greetings pilots

I would appreciate your opinions on the Avenger Stalker vs the Origin 315P. I am in the process of upgrading my standard Aurora and I honestly am having trouble deciding between the two. I intend on exploration as my main role but I do like to dabble in all sorts of sectors of the game.I’m aware the 315P is tailored for exploration but the avenger is a ‘patrol’ design and has the same size power plant and engine as the 315P, also its so dam sexy.
Once again I look forward to your opinions to help sway my decision

Tamblyn out

The Avenger is a nice fighter I own one even, but it isn’t an exploration vessel. If you want to explore then a 315 should be your choice. Also, you can easily reconfigure the 315 Park into the 325A and you now have a fighter.

Thanks hey, I’ll really take that into consideration. It looks like the 315P it is :slight_smile:

Are you looking for an exploration vessel?

Honestly I’d take the avenger over the 315P, as it’s more versatile. But if you like origin for that “second kind of cool” go with that. And it’s got a better sensor package on it.

Don’t forget there’s tons of org ships you can crew on also.

The biggest point for exploration is the suite of upgraded sensors etc that I believe the 315p carries. However you could in ‘live’ by the suite and fit it to an avenger…

Out of the box, 315p for exploring, Avenger for general use

If it’s going to be your only ship even focused on exploration I would choose the avenger(specifically the titan) over the 315. It’s a more well rounded ship, can do more of what SC can offer and ultimately will be useful to you for longer in game (i think). We don’t really know what range ships are going to have or how much of an advantage special sensors will really give you. What we do know, is better stock armormant, and more cargo space absolutely will be useful.

Keep in mind there will be plenty of people setting out to explore in multicrew ships, so even if the avenger isn’t ideal, you can make your start as a copilot on someone’s dur or aquila until you pick something up in game.

Actually, I really like Foga’s points above. Get the Avenger and when you get into an exploration mood join someone with a multi-crew explorer, there are plenty of us with those. Heck some of us even have a couple exploration ships. :slight_smile:

Not only that but didn’t the avenger supposed to eventually be able to swab the missiles for fuel tanks?

Thank you all for your input, after considering the points I actually went with the 315P. A friend made the good point that I can just change the kit to match the 325R, and I get a tractor beam :smiley:. On the note of joining in others ships I’ll do so in a combat role as turret control and have a purpose made exploration ship for myself.

See you in the skies.

Skies?! Don’t you mean space? :laughing:

Kind of a side note, but what are the inputs on the Avenger’s specific role within ADI.
I know generally it can be considered a fighter in some aspects but with other ships fitting that role better and ADI’s assets (to include straight fighter ships and pilots), where might you see the Avenger to fit best?
Just like to hear all your opinions.

While the Avenger has been my main ship in AC, I am waiting for the Sabre to become flyable; then I will determine whether I will keep the Avenger. When I am flying a multi-crew ship an (enemy) Avenger becomes KOS and my primary target; I assume a it will be impossible to differentiate a Warlock from the other variants. I do not want to be someone else’s primary target either. :laughing: That said I still prefer my Avenger to any other currently flyable fighter.

Goddamit :blush:

What’s up?

If you went with the Avenger then play it in Arena Commander (AC) for some time and see for yourself it’s a real good fighter. If you still want a 315P then upgrade your Avenger package into a 315P (and then you have a 315P with a Aeroview Hanger, the 315P only comes with a Self Land Hanger).

If you went with the 315P again fly it in AC and test it out, Unhappy with it, then melt it and buy an Avenger. You end up with a $5 credit. Overall CIG has a very player friendly ship procurement system which allows you to change around your base ship.

(Only note is when you melt a ship, anything you buy with the credit is non transferable until game launch. Then again if this is your only ship package it doesn’t really matter.)

Loving the thoughts so far. I’ve been messing around with the Avenger for a bit and really do love it as a top notch fighter. It’s highly maneuverable, quick, and can take a little bit of a punch to the face. It’s not a superhornet, but definitely up there. My only thing is that while yes it’s gimble weapons can give it an advantages in some instances, it seems to be lacking in the number of missiles it can stock. I know they have announced the other variants of the Avenger, one being cargo model, electronic warfare model, but do you they might have a more beefed up version? Sacrificing some space or a little maneuverability to hold more missiles or armor?

Also, you think ADI is going to try and keep the main combat pilots of FLEETSEC to the robust airframes like the hornet?

I do not expect CIG will add additional missiles to the Avenger or its variants; as to the Super Hornet, it uses near useless size 1 missiles (complete crap). I do not think any additional changes will be made to the Avenger at this stage.

Someone higher up needs to answer your second question. MY opinion on this however is that I would hope that squadrons would consist of similar fighter (e.g., all Avengers, Hornets or Sabres).

After seeing this I took a moment to check out the Sabre and am now highly interested in getting some hands on to compare with the Avenger. I’ll most likely be going with one of the two. Have flown the Super Hornet a bit and much prefer the Avenger so far.

I agree about the similar fighters. OR depending on the task/purpose of the squadron, a subtle mix, but for the most part it’ll be pretty interesting/effective to activate a certain squadron based on a given need, knowing the composition/capability of that squadron.

ADI is going to do whatever is in the best interest of ADI and/or the mission at hand. (what an answer eh? lol, honestly though we will do what we need to accomplish our mission)

As far as how the avenger will fair. CIG has already stated that the avenger is going to get tweaked. Their current vision for the ship is a slightly slower less agile, but very robust ship that has a big ass gun on the front. I would expect it to become less agile but gain more armor in the future.

Don’t expect the nose gun or the missiles to change.

I guess that makes sense. At first looks compared to some of the other ships I almost thought thats how it was originally going to be set up but was surprised when I started to fly it, compared to the other ships. Initial guesses seems like those tweaks might put it on the Sabre’s level as far as how “robust” the ship is (weapons, hull, maneuverability). Unless I’m totally wrong. Some of the Sabre’s specs made it seem like it was going to be quite a bruiser.