XionDark's Intro

Hi everyone. I go by XionDark. I decided to back star citizen fairly recently and have found myself fascinated by it. I have since picked up the Constellation Andromeda, Freelancer DUR, Avenger Titan, and UEE Exploration pack (Terrapin, Carrack, & Dragonfly). As you might have guessed from the list of my ships, I’m excited for potential of exploring the verse. My plan is do mostly exploring and some cargo hauling to pay for operation costs (if I’m low on credits between discoveries).

I decide to join ADI because I think being a part of a good organization will be very beneficial and I am trying to meet good people to play with. Also, the most appealing part for me was that ADI wanted to be a pirate free organization. I have no intention or desire to play as or with pirates.

I look forward to playing star citizen with everyone!

Hey XionDark, welcome to the org :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard! Glad to have you with us!

Good to have you aboard XionDark!