Xardias application


Hello Xardias (Alex) and welcome to ADI.

You write better english than me and I m a teamlead. So dont worry about your english skills. Here you are at the right place for meeting mature and nice ppl around the world and having fun playing Star Citizen. Feel free to join us in discord and mumble, check our calendar for the upcoming events and we see us somewhere in the verse.


Thank you so much, Mesachie and Leoz!
Oh, that’s awesome Mesachie! I am so glad others have the same interests as I. It really helps a lot! Was able to talk to some guys after my onboarding yesterday. Seem like a great bunch and I loved how welcoming everyone was. So thank you for that :slight_smile:

Looking forward to fly with you all very soon!


Welcome aboard Xardias to this great organization, I hope you have fun. Feel free to ask any member or staff for assistance of any kind. I have not seen a member not help yet in some way. Some things can’t be done because of game limitations but they will help the best that they can. Make sure to sign up for Certs if and when they become available. In addition, you can sign up for Ops as a new player as long as meet the requirements in the OP post specifically the current uniform standard.

And oh, the Expanse is awesome and I am glad that Amazon didn’t let it die after Syfy drop them.

See you the Verse!


Welcome Xardias. We are happy to have you in whatever game state you are in. I hope to see you in the verse.


Welcome Xardias,

We are glad to have you here in ADI. As I’ve read through your intro I can honestly say that every game, except Tibia (I’ve never played it), that you mentioned I’ve played and loved as well. You also have awesome taste with your television shows. I can’t wait for the next season of “The Expanse”. I’m a big fan of the book series as well. I look forward to hanging out with you in the Verse. See you around.