Hi there !

I’m posting this as part of the application process to join your organization.

So, pistolcb chatted with me on Spectrum and got me interested in your organisation. What pleased me was the sense that can be felt behind your rules and policy, as well as the overall mature feeling I get from your website. On the Website, Remurge helped me via chat which was a great help!

So now, to introduce myself, I am a French player, backer of Star Citizen since 2013. My main focus is flying around just for the heck of it, and I’m very impatient for 3.0 to come out b/c it would give a point to my roaming lol
Truth be told, I’m at best a mediocre pilot, but I love the sim part of SC. Currently the content is a bit lacking so I find myself playing only rarely but I feel I would play more often if I felt like part of something. Running around on your own gets old fast.

So, as you can probably guess, I’d like to join Exploration & Survey division, as a Survey Pilot, but Commerce and Transportation interest me as well, b/c I like the business side of things. Anyway, I’m not a fighter, though I own a few, and certainly no pirate.

If you have any question for me, feel free to ask!

Hello Xann. Welcome to ADI.

Your views on SC are very similar to mine actually. Waiting for more content to be added to really enjoy the game as it was meant to be. 3.0 should help some with this, adding cargo and some other neat things.

Exploration and Survey is a great division to be interested in as well. They will be responsible for finding new areas for ADI to operate which will be key to our success as an org.

Glad to have you on board.

Hi Xann,

Welcome to ADI! I’m glad you were able to get help on the website and over spectrum. I’ve found ADI to be an excellent org and I’m sure you’ll love it here. Now is a great time to join with 3.0 coming out soon. Hopefully the release of 3.0 will give you more to explore. Exploration and Survey will also be an exciting division to be a part of. SC has a huge universe and the intel and such that E&S recover will be immensely helpful. All the best to you as you get adjusted.

Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries Xann!

welcome to ADI Xann, it was nice talking to you the other day. I’m glad you decided to join ADI I hope you can talk those friends of yours into checking us out. I have not been on much the last few days I hope to see you in game soon.

Hello Xann,

welcome to the org, nice to have you with us. So as you are from France, maybe we have a good chance to meet each other in the verse (i’m from germany, so same timezone)

so see you soon


It’s great to see people of your caliber joining our ranks. I’m sure you’ve already gathered that we are all excited about the upcoming release of 3.0 and the future of Star Citizen. Looking forward to seeing you in the 'verse!!