X55 Rhino HOTAS

Hi are any of you having success in Arena Commander… with X55 Hotas? I have x55, and saitek combat pedals , Trackir5(<just got this 2 days ago) I have a hard time doing precision aiming. In Vanduul Swarm coop by the time i kill 1 the other guy usually has killed a few unless i use missiles. I am flying either Gladius or Super Hornet. (Takes even more time if i try to use guns only on Gladius) I have been playing about 1 or 2 hrs a day for a month . Dont know if i am just a slow learner or i should just bite the bullet and get Warthog or what… Thanks for any advice you can give!

X55 is a good stick, are you using the ADI xml file for it?

What safeties do you have on and are you using E.S.P.? do you have the lead targeting option selected? I have found that with E.S.P. on and target lead pip on that it is much easier, also I would set a deadzone of atleast 50 to all ur axis so finer movements aren’t as jumpy and then if you still find it too jumpy you can go into the controls and lower the joystick axis sensitivity, although I caution when considering this option as it will significantly impact your ships maneuverability.

It took me about 2 days to get that hang of the x55 and I’ll probably spend the next month or so actually getting good with it. Also while the xml has roll on the left and right, but i prefer to have roll on the twist, perhaps try those and see if any of it helps your finer movements and precison aiming, the most important being the E.S.P. safety. if not I would be willing to sit in free flight and go over how i have acclimated myself to the H.O.T.A.S. in the end practice makes perfect.

I didnt know there was an ADI xml file so i havent tried it. I fly with Lead pip. I use E.S.P and have Comstab off

If you can do some flights with me that would be great Emphatic!

Below is the link to the XML files.


The files are located in the file browser section.


Thanks i downloaded it