X52 owners

Not being totally satisfied with performance of this joystick, I would like to ask if anyone in ADI has tried the modification of adding 4 magnets to the sensors to increase sensitivity? Found a 10 pack for 11 dollars and curious if the price is worth it?

I never needed to… the problem is likely the user not the stick :wink:

I find that my stick is often too sensitive. When i am trying to make minor adjustments to my aim, it always overshoots the change. I am working on making my flight changes less erratic and more fluid which should help, but as of right now my accuracy sucks.

I have the X52PRO.

Ack sorry Pro user here too.

See with mine I have the opposite problem in that I need to move the stick quite a bit to actually move. The amount of force I have to apply causes my whole flight stick base to slide. I don’t know I it is made worse with playing the game at 4K, but it just is frustratingly unresponsive. Granted to your point JayC, I am a bit rusty with using stick, but a few months ago I recall it not being as bad when I was playing on a laptop (might have been sitting angle and surface material that didn’t cause the stick to move so much)

Totally inexperienced with sticks here, but seems like your problem could be fixed with screws and adjustment of the curves/sensitivity. If the base of the sticks slides, it doesn’t seem normal :smiley:

My first recommendation would be to try and play at 1080p rather than 4K. If that fixes the issue then its an issue of input lag dealing with such a large resolution. Secondly, i would check the dead zones and sensitivity settings in the configuration software itself. I am at work so i cant give too much detail, but if you start up the “Smart Technology” software, you should be able to find the settings in the right-click menu on the notification tray icon that looks like the throttle.

Also, what OS are you running? i know that the X52PRO is not compatible with all OS’s out there, and i have seen that it has some problems with windows 10 on various forums (i am on 7)

One additional bit of useful information, be sure you have a powered USB hub to plug it into. These joysticks are power hungry and will preform a lot better with and external powered USB hub. This is the one I have and I love it.


And if you use this link ADI will get a little bit back to help run the ORG.

Bought the joystick second hand a few years ago. The CD wouldn’t install so no configuration files. Just been doing plug in play. Maybe that is my problem as well

you may be able to down load the software at the web site.

I have this hotas and it’s my first one and I’ve loved it. I play elite: dangerous with it and SC and the response had been fine.

I haven’t played with the sensitivity settings but minor movement are nice and slow with major whipping me round!

However like gunny mentioned. I do use a little power usb hub I got from amazon. Also I made mounts from wood and metal to secure it to my desk to prevent sliding around.

The software was direct from the website and I’m using windows 10 64bit.

I have an X52 and I did do the magnet mod. I was still learning at the time, but it did seem to reduce deadzone. Movement is smooth. FWIW, I did the quick mod where you just add magnets vs reposition those. Just remember it still technically voids the warranty. If your OK with the current movement, you might want to wait a while and be sure.

Thanks everyone. I am waiting for the powered hub that Gunny mentioned. Will try that with downloading software before I add the magnets. There is no warranty on this joystick, bought it from a friend who bought it back in 2007. Just using this as a band aid until they come out with the saitek HOTAS/keyboards.