X-55 Saitek Throttle & stick Programming issues -resolved

Received help on mumble issue resolved.

I’ve got the x-55 saitek throttle / stick , the issue I seem to have is star citizen despite setting up profiles, my throttle in particular seems to revert or change to some other profile. Which then makes buttons doing all kinds of wierd crap that star citizen has “default” programmed buttons on the throttle. Another issue is setting it to allow me to change thrust direction from going forwards to backwards or i’m looking at the wrong area, there are soooo many settings to tinker and the wording does seem to look “similar” especially regarding movements of the ship. Anyways, i’d like to join ops and things like that but with the way its working right now, i’d be only really usable on the ground for FPS shooter stuff or being in a turret or a mining laser. Any help here would be great.

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