Hello there ADI community. I’m semi experienced with Star Citizen and know a good bit of the basics, still allot to learn though. An Invite email brought me here and I’m hoping to become a valuable member.
My gaming background includes Elite Dangerous, ARK, PubG, CS:GO, and various other flight, shooter or strategy games. Among those are VR games as i have an Oculus and may get a Vive as well. Onward and Pavlov are both tops for VR shooters and Elite Dangerous in VR with the flight controler currently have (T16000 Hotas), still trying to get the perfect setup figured out.
The position’s that interests me are Mission Support and Fleet Security.
My current Ships are an Aurora and a Cutlass.

Good morning WreckedMech, glad to have you aboard. Sounds like you’ll fit in quite well. I haven’t used the Oculus, thought about it, how do you like it? I think the elusive perfect setup is always just out of reach, but I’m quite comfy with the T16000 as well (haven’t jumped into the Warthog). Be looking for you in the ‘verse’,

Welcome to ADI Wrecked, Onboarding you now

WreckedMerch, It’s great to meet you, and welcome. I find that mission support and fleet security will be crucial to any serious organization. It also looks like you have a great list of games you like to play so I can see you fitting in.

If you need a friend in the verse, a second pair of eyes in star marine, or a wingman in arena commander, I’ll be there, just let me know.

Thank you guys much! And i like the Oculus quite a bit, still planning on getting a vive but im not as big a fan of the vive controllers. the Oculus Touch controllers just feel allot more comfortable and natural. They float in your hand almost. The built in speaker part malfunctioned a bit from wear, so i took off the ear pieces and just use my wireless afterglow headset. way better audio that way too, but having sound built in was nice.
Would you care to share your T16k SC control setup? Ive been using a semi default one i found and been making modifications. Would like to have it set similar to how i have my Elite Dangerous scheme i just havent gotten around to remapping all of it quite yet (E.D. is Amazing in VR with the T16kHotas by the way)

They are currently working through a ADI centric TM-16000M profile (and others since there are so many various controllers and throttles out), I think there are some tweaks to it still but soon to be available again.

Welcome WreckedMech, I think you’ll find yourself in good company over on mumble as we are a pretty friendly group that plays several of those games as well. I look forward to playing with you in the future.

Welcome aboard WreckedMech! Good to see I’m not the only person who is struggling to find the right HOTAS setup. I use a Saitek X52 and I find myself wanting more buttons for all of the functionality in the game.

I look forward to seeing you online!