Wraith556 new to org

learning the changes from 3.15 to current… relearning game. currently industry, cargo, and mining minded but willing to support fps and support to others and learn more.

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welcome to ADI my friend! :grinning:

Hey welcome to ADI, we’re all here to help. If you need some extra tips on the current patch don’t hesitate to ask. See you in the verse o7

Welcome to ADI @wraith556 . Yes…3.15 to 3.21 has been a journey of very significant changes - I had to do some relearning a few times in there (still learning :slight_smile: ) Learning is more fun and goes faster when you have a community ;like ADI to lean on. Hop on Mumble for some help and assistance if you need any.

Hello and welcome to ADI! You’ll like the new state of game, it’s waaaaaay more playable form what I hear compared to the older patches,. We got lots of folks on at various times so you can find a team to do whatever your favorite gameplay. We have org activities that are more organized with a large team frequently also. Keep an eye on discord/forums and sign up if something looks good.
See you in the 'verse!

Welcome to ADI!
If you need any help with anything don’t hesitate to ask O7

Welcome aboard! Dont feel bad about coming back to the game after a while. I have done it several times myself and its always a new learning experience lol.

Welcome to ADI! Glad to have you aboard! Cargo and mining are pretty good right now. If you need any help with anything please don’t hesitate to ask. Looking forward to flying with you in the Verse!

Welcome, bit of a tip: Cargo hunting via salvage at the highest levels will net you MASSIVE amounts of money.

Welcome to ADI. that is a lot of changes to get used too 07

Welcome to ADI! Let me know if I can be of help with relearning star citizen or the new changes.

Welcome to Atlas! It’s always fun to see the new changes and relearn the systems. Let me know if I can help with anything.

Welcome to ADI @wraith556!! If you ever need someone to help you out with the cargo hauling loop hit me up on discord or the mumble! See you in the verse!!!