Will my membership here be suspended because of inactivity?

Hi all,

TL;DR: Is there an inactivity time limit before a member is suspended?

I am relatively new into this organization and I really enjoyed a few times I played with you all. Thing is now I am kind of stranded and working abroad with a relatively weak laptop and can not enjoy the game like I was used to on my rig at home.

I expect to be back sometime next year, however will this negatively affect my membership here, if so what could I do?

P.S. I also own a few more ships, so let me know who to contact so that my inventory within ADI is updated.

I do not think the ORG does this. You will still be a member when you return. Also the ORG no longer maintains any information pertaining to the ships each member has so no worries their either.

Thanks a lot!

@Ochi is correct there are no attendance requirements for regular members.

As always Real Life First! We’ll see you when you come back.

Side Item: It’s a good idea to backup your Mumble certificate to your personal Google Drive, or other cloud storage. Just in case something happens to your computer, or you have to reload.

I can 100% tell you that as a member inactivity will not impact your position within the org. If you were a staff member I could see an excessively inactive Team Leader moved back into member status, but they otherwise would not be ejected from the org.

If you need further reassurance, I joined the org in 2017 and almost immediately went into an inactive state for a period of about two years. When I was able to return, I did so without my inactivity being held against me and eventually earned my TL position. I am a walking example of what Crue mentioned, that ADI takes seriously its #3 rule that real life comes first.

So don’t worry RiXZ, take care of yourself and your personal life, and ADI will still be here to welcome you when you’re able to return.

We will keep the landing lights on for you.


Don’t sweat it RiXZ. Rule #3. We’ll be here to welcome you back, whenever you return.

Thank you everyone for your support, this is really an awesome community!

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