Will be gone until March

I’m off to military training will be gone for a while. I’ll see you guy online next year…


Good luck KillerBee ! This will be something to look forward to after your training!

Hey congrats on making that decision. I know it is a big, life altering decision. Best of luck to you and we will be here when you get back. Good luck!

Congrats, be safe, get good, and thank you.

Mind over body, just don’t quit. We’ll be here when you get back.

thanks for your service! see you soon

Not sure if you’ll see this before you step off that bus at boot camp, but never forget that while the experience can be miserable, you are not alone, and you are not the first person to have gone through that miserable experience before. If you keep your head down and don’t repeat the mistakes other trainees make then you’ll do just fine.

Good luck, buddy!

Good luck man. Thanks for your service

Good luck, @killerbee04, and thanks for your service.

Embrace the suck

Thanks for your service! I am looking to be right behind you here soon