Which combat ship is worth getting?

So i have been looking at the combat ships to purchase and all of the stats get over whelming in the end so i thought i would ask for your advise and experience.

I have looked at the different Hornets so advise on the different versions would be great, the Avenger, and sabre. If anyone has used the following ships too and is happy to spare your knowledge would be great!

I have read that the Hornet Ghost is good to go for as it has a low signature and more manuvable compared to other versions?

  • Buccaneer
  • Gladius
  • Vanguard Warden
  • Redeemer


Personally, I like the Hornet.

Lots of guns and plenty of shields (which is always subject to change)

However, the game doesn’t yet properly implement “stealth”.
You’ll have to wait till that’s added as a viable mechanic, before the Ghost will be a true stealth asset.

Would it still not work against missiles ingame or do you mean hasn’t been coded?

Correct - it’s yet to be coded as a fully functional mechanic. (from what I’ve seen)

Ok thanks, hmm… still tempting to get though lol.

Go with the one that suits you best.

The trick is playing in the group racing & vanduul swarm games to build rec, then rent a fight that you like and then play the racing & VS. this way you get a feel for the ship and build up rec to rent another ship you’d like try out. Wash, rinse, repeat till you find the right ship for you.

You could also watch for the free fly weekends for ships that aren’t in the ref rent program to try out.

But keep in mind that all ships are in constant flux for balancing… This will really change when 3.0 come down the pipe.


Yes!! Absolutely, you can’t go wrong with RENTing every flyable ship you’re interested in. (It’s what I do most)

Think of a Ghost as a fighter built to fight with stealth added. Think of a Sabre as a stealth ship built to fight.

Honestly, I love my Super Hornet. It brings a lot of firepower in a small package and with a co-pilot I have a multi directional turret. I also got a Ghost because when it’s properly implemented I like the idea of being able to do recon. Each ship has its own personality, renting them is honestly the best way to find your true love…just don’t apply that logic to real life, women might take offense.

Only thing is you can only use rental ships in Racing & VS, would be nice to go into the vers with them. Can anyone tell me if i buy weapons/missiles etc from the store with Rec is that only usable in Racing & VS only or can they be attached to any ship and be used in the vers?

As long as they fit the ship you’re using.
Weapons & Missiles purchased with REC can be used in the mini-PU.

If money is not an issue, I’d say

  • Super Hornet
  • Saber
  • Vanguard Warden

However, in 3.0 you allegedly will be able to earn UEC in-game to buy those ships. Thus, if you don’t have a lot of disposable income to burn atm, wait for 3.0.

Hold up - for real? Earn UEC for ships in 3.0? That’s pretty big. Hope they push that through.

nice! can’t wait, im holding out on buying another package for npc’s then only standalone ships from them. Ive been buying the Argo LTI package and then upgrading them so far.

I would be shocked if they allow that yet. At most it would be rentals or weapon purchases. They probably wont allow for ingame ship purchasing until beta, which is supposedly when they plan on discontinuing selling ingame stuff for money, and I expect everything to be wiped at the end of beta.

Again, in-game purchases are coming in the near future according to Ben.

youtube.com/watch?v=DsY-ANc … e&t=18m11s

Ya… but it comes from the “Director of Community Engagement and Content Strategy”… Also he gave no timeline what so ever for this, just pretty soon, which is pretty vague. It could be tomorrow, it could be next week, or it could be next year. Not to mention just how many times things have gotten pushed back to date with this game.

Either way we almost certainly wont get to keep anything for very long, as they will be constantly resetting and tweaking stuff as they go, and will want to test and retest and retest the balance. Plus they probably wont let us keep anything from Alpha or Beta, as it is always a bad idea for a whole host of reasons, from new player resentment, to beta players having earning advantages due to bugs, exploits, etc. It’s a good idea to have a fresh start at release.

And I am very doubtful they are going to give up on selling ship for real money while they still have such a long way to go.

I wouldnt be surpised if purchasing ships with aUEC is implemented in 3.0. It sounds like there will be many more methods to earning aUEC and interactions with vendors seems like a must, even if it is just via a kiosk. To be honest, this seems like a no brainer as it is such a minimal change from what exists now.

Nothing about the Alpha/Beta editions of the PU will transfer over when it is actually “live” so I’m not sure how much that would have an effect on pledges for specific ships.

I would argue it may actually lead to an increase as folks may fall in love with a ship and feel they want to start the live PU with their favorite instead of earning enough real UEC when the game goes live.

My suspicion is that it will be ship weapons and equipment that become available for sale in 3.0. But who can say for sure, until they get close to the release alpha 3.0 even Chris Roberts won’t entirely know for sure. :slight_smile: