Where is FPS Armor

Is FPS Armor a store or something else? Tried searching for them off uniform list but no joy.

FPS armor is available in stores at designated locations. Space stations, for example, usually have three stores in the “Galleria.” Sometimes one of them is an armor store.

So it’s just a option on the terminal at random stores? I looked a bit but was generally looking for a actual store called that.

Much like IRL cities and outposts have clothing stores. Some sell the same gear, most have some different pieces. There are clothing sets; brands of armor that comprise a helmet, chest, legs and arms in one of four grades of protection. There are backpacks too. Potentially, there’s allot of choice. The Armory Tool can help track down where different pieces are, and the ADI uniform forum post tells you exactly what’s where for uniform bits. Weapons & tools are treated the same as uniform bits with different weapons for sale in different stores, same for ammo.

otterman. Easiest is ALL of the ADI armor is available in Lorville and Tammany & Son except the one ADI helmet which is available ay HUR L1…almost one stop shopping.

FPS Armor is the name of the armor shop…like Garrity Defense…just a different vendor. Easiest shopping is like Jolly posts - Lorville for all except the helmet, which is at HUR L1.

OK well Tammany & Son is a nice since it has most everything in one spot. The extra steps of landing, taking a rail, and then tracking down the store are annoying compared to a space station but I didn’t relize almost everything was in that location. Already found it and invested in some backup uniforms. Thanks all for the info.

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